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Friday, May 16, 2014

Photo: Abandoned home of Lions, Pistons now in shambles

Striking Photos From Inside The Abandoned Silverdome

Seen here is a photo taken by Curbed Detroit and DetroitUrbex of the abandoned Pontiac Silverdome. For those who aren't aware, the stadium was once home to the Detroit Lions, Detroit Pistons and Wrestlemania III.

The last major event held in the venue was 2001 before the Lions moved to Ford Field for the 2002 season. In 2009, the city of Pontiac put the Silverdome up for sale amid crippling maintanence costs. The 80,000-seat stadium sold at auction for $583,000. For comparison, it cost $55.7 million for the stadium to be completed in 1975.

Anyways, a strong wind storm permanently deflated the iconic roof in 2012 and nobody has since bothered to make repairs. Naturally, things have become a little ruined inside including the playing surface, which now sits under pools of water.

The owner is prepared to auction off everything to salvage what little profit he can at this point. The photos found at DetroitUrbex stand to be the last glimpse into a venue that housed professional sporting events over four decades. They are both depressing and surreal.

Via Deadspin

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cold Stone Creamery offers to provide free dessert for Matthew Stafford's wedding

After publicly announcing their engagement at a Cold Stone Creamery recently, Matthew Stafford and longtime girlfriend Kelly Hall must now begin to plan the wedding and reception. However, one part of the festivities they may not have to worry about are the desserts, because Cold Stone Creamery is offering to provide them for free.

Apparently, the American-based ice cream parlor is looking to show their appreciation for the happy couple making their announcement in one of their stores.

"We'd love to provide dessert for everyone at the wedding," said CEO Michael Serruya. "And to the extent that they would allow us, we would love to make the cake as well!"

It's unknown whether Stafford actually popped the question inside Cold Stone. But Serruya says it wouldn't be shocking if he did. As Serruya told TMZ Sports, it happens all of the time.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Mike Ditka to Matt Stafford: Wear your hat the right way

Lions QB Matt Stafford has more weapons around him to thrive. (Getty Images)

Matthew Stafford has the admiration of Mike Ditka when it comes to his playing ability. But the same cannot be said for the way Stafford wears his hats.

“I think he can make all the throws,” Ditka, an ESPN analyst, told the Free Press. “He’s a smart kid. I wish he’d put the baseball cap on frontwards instead of backwards all the time.”

Do you care to expand on that, coach?

“If you’re the leader of the football team, I think you’ve got to stand up and be that leader, assume that role. A lot of it is what you do on the field, certainly. But I think a little of it has to do with appearance, too,” Stafford told the Free Press. “You know, respect the game respect your team. That’s all.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Photo: Company makes 'conference participants' shirt for Detroit Lions


This ought to invoke emotion in Detroit Lions fans.

Seen here is a snapshot taken of a shirt that Alternative Hero is selling. As you can see, it boasts the Lions as "Conference Participants." Ouch.

The Lions failed to make the postseason this year and this is obviously a fact that the t-shirt company did not neglect. But I doubt you will find many serious Lions fans rushing to go purchase one of these. Unless they do so in a good-humored manner.


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Photo: Lions fans receive playoff tickets a day after being eliminated

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Thanks to three consecutive losses, the Detroit Lions will not be going to the postseason this year. That dream was officially zapped when the Lions lost to the New York Giants over the weekend.

As if the reality of tanking near the end of the season wasn't enough for Lions fans to bear, season ticket holders received their playoff tickets on Monday, adding even more salt to an already gaping wound.

The team mailed playoff invoices to season ticket holders last month in anticipation of the Lions making the playoffs. At that time, the prospects looked extremely bright, as Detroit sat atop the division before going on to lose five of their next six games.

Now, it is sure to be a somber Christmas for the Motor City. These dubious and ill-timed postseason tickets don't help to lift the spirit of discontent Lions fans, either.

Via Eye on Football

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Louis Delmas: Lions should be undefeated

Entering Week 16, the Detroit Lions own both a 7-7 record and an outside shot of winning the division. The outlook for making the playoffs was much better for the Lions a little over a month ago, but losing four out of their last five games, including blowing fourth-quarter leads in each loss, has not helped their cause.

Sure, Detroit is a few plays here and there from owing 9 or 10 wins, or perhaps even 11, but don't tell that to Lions safety Louis Delmas, who firmly believes his squad should be 14-0 at this juncture.

“For all the talent we have … there’s no reason we shouldn’t be undefeated, there’s no reason we shouldn’t have won more games,” Delmas said. “But stuff happens. We definitely feel the pain that everybody else is feeling because we’re actually the ones out there losing. We know what we’re capable of and we know what it takes to get wins around here, and that’s what we have to do.”

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Photo: Stephen Tulloch dresses up turkey with sunglasses, cigarette, dog tag

Stephen Tulloch has a fashionable turkey. (Instagram)

It's been said many times before that you shouldn't play with your food.

Apparently, linebacker Stephen Tulloch of the Detroit Lions didn't get that message, as he he went to great lengths to dress up a turkey for Thanksgiving this week.

Seen here is a picture of how the bird's makeover turned out. Tulloch's turkey sports oversized sunglasses, an unsmoked cigarette, and a dog tag, while soaking in a tub of marinade or brine.

Now, that's one cool turkey.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Matt Millen's son punched him for drafting Mike Williams instead of DeMarcus Ware


There are reasons why Matt Millen's eight-year tenure with the Detroit Lions from 2001 to 2008 produced such a lousy record (31-84). One of those reasons has to do with the ill-fated decisions the former CEO and president made on draft day.

In 2005, the Lions selected wide receiver Mike Williams with their first pick of the draft, passing up the chance to take defensive end DeMarcus Ware, who has become a perennial Pro Bowler, while Williams has certainly not.

But if Millen would have listened to his son, the Lions would have wound up with Ware, and Millen would have avoided being punched by his offspring.

"He still punches me," Millen said.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Calvin Johnson on Bears: 'Can't stand them'

An NFL rivalry is renewed this weekend when the Chicago Bears pay a visit to the Motor City to battle the Detroit Lions. And this means trash talking is inevitable.

The most recent bit of talk comes from Lions star receiver Calvin Johnson, who made his feelings crystal clear on what he thinks about the Bears, he can't stand them.

“Can’t stand them, one, because they’re filling up the stadium a lot with a lot of Bears fans. So that’s one reason I can’t stand them.”

It's not necessarily a crime for opposing fans to flood a visiting stadium. In my opinion, it just makes them extremely loyal fans. If Johnson is really that upset with the proportion of Bears fans to Lions fans at Ford Field, perhaps he needs to call out his own fans, instead.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Lions safety fined $5,000 for wearing wrong color socks

Detroit Lions safety Louis Delmas was hit with a fine by the National Football League after violating one of its dubious rules.

What was the infraction? Well, it appears as though Delmas landed himself in hot water because he wore the wrong color socks. And his decision cost him a hefty $5,000.

Apparently, Delmas opted to go with blue and black socks last Sunday, while the league only permits Lions players to wear blue and white, or all blue. There is no in between, folks.

Naturally, Delmas was not pleased about the situation. But what makes the incident even more frustrating for Delmas is the manner in which he found out about it.

When asked when the league informed him about the fine, Delmas replied by saying, "when I got the damn check."

Rules are rules, but the punishment definitely doesn't fit the crime here.

Via Eye on Football

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Detroit Lions have most expensive beer prices in NFL

There may be a reason the good city of Detroit recently filed for bankruptcy and it has everything to do with beer prices at Lions games.

According to, the Detroit Lions have the most expensive beer prices in the National Football League. On average, the price of a brew at Ford Field costs fans approximately 67 cents per ounce, which is a whopping 14 cents more than the second most expensive brew in Dallas, which costs a more modest 53 cents per ounce.

By comparison, the Carolina Panthers boast the cheapest beer, selling an ounce of suds for a measly 27 cents.

So, if you're looking to get the most bang for your buck when buying beer while attending an NFL game this year, avoid Detroit, Dallas, Pittsburgh and Seattle, and make a trip to Carolina, Miami, New Orleans, or Tampa Bay, instead.

Via Eye on Football

Friday, July 5, 2013

Ndamukong Suh calls himself an 'affectionate' leader

The term "affectionate" probably isn't one of the first words that comes to mind when describing Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. However, this is precisely the way that Suh describes himself when asked about about his leadership ability by ESPN's Ed Werder.

“I’m a player that goes by my actions and leads by my actions,” Suh said. “I have an affectionate way of being able to corral somebody, to go along and understand what I want and what I need from them and we can work together and get to where we want to be.”

This is coming from the same player who has gained a reputation around the league for being relatively violent and vicious. Most football fans probably still vividly remember Suh stomping on Green Bay Packers offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith on Thanksgiving in 2011. Suh followed that up the next Thanksgiving by kicking Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub in the groin area. Perhaps this is why Sporting News has named him the "dirtiest player" in the NFL two years running?

Via Pro Football Talk

Friday, May 24, 2013

Titus Young refuses to speak to judge in court appearance

The outlook for former Detroit Lions receiver Titus Young keeps looking worse and worse.

Young appeared in Orange County Superior Court Friday after having been arrested three times this month and faces multiple charges including burglary, battery, and drunk driving, among others. Those are serious offenses no matter who you are. But Young, who has been in jail since May 11, doesn't appear to be too worried about the current situation he is in.

According to the USA Today, Young refused to address the judge in his court appearance. In fact, the maligned individual refused to speak at all.

Here is how his exchange with the judge went:

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Video: Kris Durham makes great grab against Packers

Watch as Detroit Lions receiver Kris Durham lays out to make an outstanding grab during the second quarter of Sunday Night Football. The man who threw him the ball was none other than Durham's college teammate and roommate at the University of Georgia, Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Detroit Lions players hand out winter coats to city's kids

A Detroit-area pizza chain partnered with Lions players to hand out 4,000 winter coats to city's youth on Saturday. The giveaway was sponsored by Happy's Pizza, who reportedly paid $75,000 to fund the fourth annual event.

Wide receivers Titus Young and Nate Burleson, linebacker Stephen Tulloch, and running back Joique Bell were among the Lions player who chipped in to volunteer their time. They were also joined by volunteers from Greater Grace Temple and some Detroit firefighters to help distribute the much-needed outerwear.

With the frigid cold air of winter drawing near, it's good to know that these kids will be ready for it.

Via Detroit Free Press.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ndamukong Suh named NFL's dirtiest player

Detroit Lions defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh was voted the NFL's dirtiest player for the second consecutive year by a Sporting News player poll. The poll consisted of 103 players from 27 teams around the league.

Suh was named on 32 of 103 ballots, which is actually a bit lower than he garnered in 2011 (31.1% to 32.4%). However, he still drew the ire of 13 more voters than the player who finished second, Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito (19).

St. Louis Rams defensive back Cortland Finnegan (14), Pittsburgh Steelers lineback James Harrison (6), and Tennessee Titans offensive lineman David Stewart (3) rounded out the top five.

There were 14 other players who also received votes.

A word to the wise: avoid getting trapped in a dark alley with one of these guys at all costs.

Via USA Today.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Video: Guy in hoodie videobombs 49ers quarterback Alex Smith

The San Francisco 49ers beat the visiting Detroit Lions by a score of 27-19 Sunday night. San Francisco QB Alex Smith had a real nice performance as evidenced by his 226-yard, two touchdown stat line. His post-game interview, on the other hand, didn't look quite as nice.

That's because of the super creepy guy standing behind Smith during most of it. The man, who appeared to have a credential to be on the field, appears to be very interested in what Smith has to say and doesn't at all try to hide it. His eyes grow larger at times and it feels as though he's looking directly in the souls of the viewers at home.

He also manages to hang in the picture for the chat with wide receiver Michael Crabtree before the camera finally shifts the spotlight away and onto defensive end Justin Smith...much to the appreciaton of countless folks watching all across America. All in all, this could go down as the videobombs of all videobombs. I'll let you be the judge of that.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Photo: New NFL uniforms leave little to the imagination

There is nothing America loves more than watching professional football, particularly the National Football League. The NFL officially kicked off its regular season this past weekend which mine as well been dubbed a national holiday around the country. Countless number of pigskin fans huddled around TVs, packed into stadiums and strolled into bars in celebration of one of the most anticipated Sundays of the year -- Opening Day in the NFL.

Although much of the talk revolved around the replacement officials, promising rookies, and Peyton Manning, one of the changes noticed around the league involved uniforms. In a billion-dollar deal that affected all 32 franchises, the league opted to switch to Nike as its uniform supplier after a 10-year relationship with Reebok. The new line of apparel made its glorious debut during Week One.