Saturday, August 9, 2014

Video: 100-year-old Cubs fan delivers ceremonial first pitch

You have to admire this man's loyalty.

Despite living on this Earth for 100 years and not seeing his beloved Chicago Cubs win a World Series, John Bernauer remains loyal to the club who hasn't won a championship since 1908, which is roughly six years before Bernauer was even brought into this world.

On Saturday, his loyalty was rewarded as Bernauer received the privilege of throwing out the game's ceremonial first pitch at Wrigley Field.

Sure, he pulled a Scotty Smalls by walking the ball to the plate, but the fact that he's remained a Cubs fan through all these years is more impressive than anything.

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  1. You have no Idea how much he wanted to throw the ball in - but the ump didn't have a glove. The double windup on the mound got us excited that he might throw it in anyway. In the end he decided to stick to the plan and walk it in.

    He threw out the first pitch earlier this year at a Northwestern University game. He did so well that they brought out the players and had him pitch to a batter. First pitch was in the dirt. Second pitch over the plate and was hit to deep center and was caught. The ump came out to the mound and threw him out of the game for having a doctored glove ;-).

    Yes, he has been a lifelong Cub fan - his first visit to Wrigley field was in 1927!

    Tom, grandson