Tuesday, August 5, 2014

South Carolina self reports cookie cake icing violation to NCAA

The South Carolina Gamecocks were so concerned that cookie cakes served to recruits were a violation that they self reported the incident to the NCAA.

According to ESPN.com, the Gamecocks self reported 22 minor violations to the NCAA, one of which included an incident where the school believed it had served impermissible icing on cookie cakes during a recruiting event hosted on campus.

Fortunately, the NCAA reviewed the self reported violation and determined that no real harm was done by the Gamecocks. Because what kind of world would it be if dousing a delicious cookie cake with "decorative" icing is against the rules?

Apparently, South Carolina was afraid they violated NCAA bylaw, which states in part that an institution may not use "decorative items" and special additions to any location that prospective student athletes might visit on campus.


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