Monday, August 11, 2014

Photo: T-shirt design replaces Redskins with rednecks

Some 1,500 Rednecks t-shirts were sold in the first week. (via Headline Shirts)

A t-shirt company called Headline Shirts in San Francisco is drawing attention to itself after creating a new line of shirts based on the controversial Washington Redskins logo. As you can see, their new line of shirt uses a man depicted as a redneck, complete with sunglasses, raccoon tail, mullet and a piece of straw, instead of the traditional Native American.

According to a representative for Headline Shirts, some 1,500 threads have already been sold in the first week alone, with that number sure to rise after the publicity it has garnered. For comparison, the company says the sales of this shirt are "easily five times the average for the first week of a new shirt."

"It's fun to sometimes stir the pot, and if we can get some attention for it, great," Ginsky said told Dan Steinberg of the Sports Bog. "This one we had a clear position on and just went for it. It definitely ruffled some feathers, and I was ready for that...The basic idea was to just sort of flip the script, to basically give people a taste of how it feels when the shoe is on the other foot. It's really just as simple as that."

Here is how Headline Shirts describes the rednecks tee:

"There's a certain pro football team that many believe is due for a name change. To something a little less -- you know -- racial-slur-y. We agree. But we also know that it can be hard to break with tradition.

"So we've got just the solution. The Rednecks! You can basically keep the same logo. Just change a few letters, trade the feathers for raccoon tails, swap out the red-skinned caricature with a rustic Caucasian, and bam! Done.

"After all, why should Native Americans have a monopoly on all the culturally insensitive team names? What about the white folks? When is it finally going to be their turn?"

The Redskins may be able to put the brakes on this t-shirt if a judge decides to overturn the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's ruling to cancel the team's trademark registration. If not, there is seemingly nothing the NFL franchise can do to stop these shirts from becoming more popular.

Via Eye on Football


  1. So they allege racism, and then turn around and promote more racism? Ok then I guess I can do the same without any backlash, right?

    1. Exactly! Also, that pic looks like a Mexican. Maybe this T-shirt is promoting illegal aliens. Hmmm, I like where this is going.

  2. I'm a redneck and i think the shirt is cool, I think i will order a couple. people are way too sensitive.

  3. What will the WVA people think as they are considered the rednecks - very racist.