Monday, August 4, 2014

Maryland basketball recruit loses scholarship over ice cream bar?

Trayvon Reed

Trayvon Reed had everything going for him when he walked into a 7-Eleven last week. The 7-foot-1 basketball star had a scholarship lined up to play for the Maryland Terrapins and life seemed to be going very well for the four-star recruit.

Well, that was until Reed attempted to steal an ice cream bar and then fight police when confronted about it. Here is more on the story from the Baltimore Sun:

According to court documents, two plainclothes officers working in the store saw Reed putting a Twix ice cream bar into his pants pocket and leaving the store without paying.

When one of the officers saw Reed take the ice cream from his pocket in the parking lot, the officer showed his identification to Reed and an unidentified male companion and told Reed he was under arrest.

As the officer tried to arrest him, Reed tried to run away but the officer grabbed him. A scuffle ensued and police said Reed fought the officer “with his hands” and struck the officer on the left hand.

The officer, who needed the help of his partner to subdue Reed, wound up with two broken fingers

Upon being arrested, officers also found a pack of Reese's Cups and a pack of King Sized Reese's Cups in Reed's possession.

Reed was charged with second degree assault, second degree assault of a police officer, theft under $100 and resisting arrest. Naturally, when word got around to Maryland about what Reed had done, they immediately rescinded his scholarship offer.

Considering his talent level, Reed will likely receive a second chance by other schools offering  him scholarships. However, let's not ignore the fact here that Reed jeopardized a scholarship worth an estimated $100,000 over $5 worth of junk food.

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