Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Did Tiger Woods have bone 'put back in' prior to PGA Championship?

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Just a few days removed from pulling out of the Bridgestone Invitational, Tiger Woods is back at it this week at the PGA Championship. But his return to the links didn't come without a relative medical marvel.

Apparently, Woods had a bone "put back in place" earlier this week, which has lessened inflammation in his back and has given him greater range of motion. The bone Woods referred to is called the sacrum. The sacrum is a large and triangular bone at the base of the spine which had previously popped out of place and was causing great discomfort (you think?).

Here is more on Woods courtesy of Steve DiMeglio of USA Today Sports.

“It was a different pain than what I had been experiencing, so I knew it wasn’t the site of the surgery. It was different and obviously it was just the sacrum,” Woods said. “The treatments have been fantastic. Once the bone was put back in the spasms went away, and from there I started getting some range of motion. My physio is here. If it does go out (again), he’s able to fix it.”

Modern medicine is incredible.

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