Saturday, August 9, 2014

Alex Morgan blasts FIFA for treating women like 'guinea pigs'

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Alex Morgan is quite upset with FIFA.

The U.S. women's soccer star made this crystal clear when she told TMZ Sports that she feels FIFA is treating the women players like "guinea pigs" by making them play the World Cup on artificial turf while the men are scheduled to continue playing on natural grass.

"They are treating us as second class to the men," said Morgan. "Using the women as guinea pigs in their experiment is just not right."

For the record, the 2015 World Cup is set to be played in Canada on artificial turf to serve as a test run. So there is definitely plenty of merit to Morgan's complaint.

Morgan also added that no such experiments should take place nor expenses spared when it comes to the magnitude of the World Cup. Furthermore, Morgan pointed out the increased risk of injury involved with playing on synthetic surfaces, which could ultimately lead to water downed quality of play too.

At this point, Morgan has organized a large number of players to hire a law firm to ask FIFA to reconsider following through on the turf experiment. Naturally, FIFA has yet to respond to their request.

Via TMZ Sports

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