Monday, August 25, 2014

Top Fantasy Football Tight Ends in 2014

by: Mark Driggs

The tight end position is becoming more and more important in the NFL, but people in fantasy football really only need to look out for four truly special players at that position. After that, the rest of the guys pretty much all fall in line. Grabbing one of those tight ends can act as another wide receiver on the roster, so it might be best to see what is possible. Here’s what each top guy brings to the table.

Jimmy Graham

He might be listed as a tight end, but this is a player who is pretty much a wide receiver. He has a chance to go in the 1st round of any fantasy football draft simply because of his ability to put up huge numbers. The offense for New Orleans is built around him, and he is now signed for the long-term to stay with the team. Only an injury would keep him out of the top spot.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Video: Andrew McCutchen accepts ice bucket challenge Wolverine style

Pittsburgh Pirates star Andrew McCutchen accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS on Tuesday and the outfielder executed the task in style.

Channeling his inner-Hugh Jackman, McCutchen proceeded to take the challenge Wolverine-style, complete with artificial claws and slow motions antics.

Nicely done, Cutch.

Video: Cubs grounds crew struggles mightily with field tarp

The Chicago Cubs grounds crew had some serious trouble putting on the field tarp Tuesday evening at Wrigley Field.

A batch of heavy rain in the area prompted the grounds crew to spring into action by attempting to cover the infield from a barrage of water.

Unfortunately, despite it being August, the grounds crew wasn't exactly in midseason form when it comes to applying the tarp. Hilarity and pity ensues as the crew tries mightily to properly get the thing on the field.

Their efforts proved to be in vain as the game was eventually suspended with the Cubs pulling out a 2-0 win over the visiting Giants.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Report: NFL to demand Super Bowl halftime performers to pay up

The Super Bowl halftime show is arguably the biggest stage of the year as it offers the opportunity to reach an astounding number of eyeballs. The National Football League is well aware of this fact and that may help explain why the league is reportedly looking to make performers pay for the unparalleled exposure.

As it stands now, performers play completely free of charge. Of course, the added boost in buzz from performing in the international spotlight more than makes up for the lack of immediate financial compensation. But that incentive could be less alluring if the NFL gets its way.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the NFL has already approached the performers under consideration for the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show (Katy Perry, Rihanna and Coldplay) to allow the league to take a cut of their proceeds from tours commencing after the big game. Naturally, none of the performers were reportedly thrilled about the idea of sharing revenue with the NFL.

Infamous Boston bullpen cop receives own bobblehead

If you watched last year's ALCS between the Red Sox and Tigers, you probably remember seeing Boston police officer Steve Horgan.

Horgan made the national spotlight after infamously throwing his arms in the air in celebration of a David Ortiz home run as Detroit's Torii Hunter went tumbling over the wall in front of him.

On Tuesday, the Red Sox paid homage to one of the city's finest by handing out 1,000 bobbleheads depicting his memorable reaction. This bobble is sure to be a keeper.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Video: LeBron James calls out President Obama in ice bucket challenge

The "Ice Bucket Challenge" has seemingly taken the celebrity world by storm as countless well-known people have participated in the event to help raise awareness and money for ALS.

NBA superstar LeBron James joined the fun when he accepted the challenge on a yacht over the weekend. And then proceeded to call out his son and United States President Barack Obama.

The ball is in your court, Mr. President.

Via Bleacher Report

Photo: Eagles fan rocks awesome custom jersey

There are fantastic customized fan jerseys and then there is this one worn by a passionate Philadelphia Eagles fan over the weekend.

While the exact age of this fan is unknown, it is evidently clear that he grew up playing Nintendo 64, otherwise known as one of the greatest game systems ever.

Mr. "Nintendo 64" was spotted while attending Fantasy Fest in Philadelphia on Saturday and it's safe to assume this guy had a nice time.

Via For the Win 

Photo: New Jersey farm pays homage to Derek Jeter with corn maze design

main image

The fine folks at Von Thun's Country Farm in Monmouth Junction, N.J. have given the fall tribute Derek Jeter most definitely deserves.

Seen here is a five-acre corn maze transformed to pay homage to the New York Yankees and future Hall of Fame shortstop.

If you want to see it in person, the maze will be around through roughly Halloween, giving you about two months to clear your calendar and make travel arrangements accordingly.

Of course, most people will probably be just as content with seeing the cleverly designed field of corn as a photo on the internet.

Via MLB Cut 4

Friday, August 15, 2014

Video: Texas A&M football players go nuts when coach cancels practice

Is there anything better than an unexpected day off? I venture to say not.

This video captured by serves as latest evidence to why days off are to be celebrated like no other. Watch as Texas A&M football players rejoice as head coach Kevin Sumlin informs them of his intent to cancel the second practice of the day in order to make a team trip to the movies.

It doesn't matter who you are, receiving some surprise time off from work, school, or practice is always sure to please. Now, the only question that remains is what movie did these guys go and see? Considering the size of the roster, it's quite possible that the team had to split up and see different flicks.

Via ESPN's SEC Blog

Photo: Northwestern Ohio unveils unorthodox baseball diamond

View image on Twitter

The University of Northwestern Ohio is very excited about the new design of their baseball field.

Check out the photo the school tweeted out last weekend clearly depicting the infield as a sea of artificial red. Oh, and one would be remiss not to point out the checkered flags behind home plate, which is totally appropriate when you consider the school's nickname is the Racers.

Eastern Washington approves of this cosmetic field change.

Photo: Little league baseball player has funny pre-game ritual

Embedded image permalink

Most baseball players are creatures of habit and each has their own unique way of preparing for games.

For Illinois baseball player Trey Hondras, who is currently representing the Great Lakes in the Little League World Series, his pre-game ritual includes talking to girls before games for good luck.

Some players may avoid the opposite sex altogether to help get in the zone. Not Hondras. His game face appears to be fueled by interacting with the ladies beforehand.

Hey, there are certainly odder things Hondras could do.

Via SportsCenter

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Photo: Puerto Rican little league baseball player is massive

Puerto Rico Little League Player Is 6'4

According to information from the Centers for Disease Control, the average height and weight for a 13-year-old boy is roughly 5'2" and 102 pounds, respectively.

As you can see from the photo captured by Busted Coverage, Puerto Rican little league baseball player Erick Figueroa is not your typical 13-year-old. The first basemen stands 6'4" and tips the scales at a whopping 229 pounds. Furthermore, the world now knows of his massive frame thanks to the television coverage of the Little League World Series on ESPN.

For reference, MLB superstar outfielder Mike Trout goes about 6'2" and 230 pounds.

Via Bleacher Report

Video: Pesky pigeons force delay during Pirates-Tigers game

A pair of mischievous pigeons wreaked havoc during the first inning of Wednesday night's game between the Tigers and Pirates at Comerica Park.

Pittsburgh's Vance Worley and Detroit's Miguel Cabrera tried in vain to shoo the pesky birds away from the diamond until a few grounds crew members were able to corral the animals.

The Tigers prevailed, 8-4, to capture the first game of the series.

Photo: Progressive Field nearly empty for first game of doubleheader

View image on Twitter

On Wednesday, the Indians played host to the Diamondbacks for a doubleheader. 

Game one was a makeup for Tuesday's rainout and nearly no fans were there to see it.

Albert Breer of the NFL Network posted this photo to his Twitter account to serve as proof that Progressive Field had less than a spattering of actual fans in it for the affair.

Indians fans who did make the trip were rewarded with a 3-2 victory by the home squad. However, Cleveland dropped the night cap, 1-0.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Video: Indians players spend rain delay slipping and sliding on field tarp

Rain interfered with the action at Progressive Field on Tuesday as the Indians and Diamondbacks game had to be postponed.

But not until a few Indians players had some fun during the delay by slipping and sliding on the field tarp draped over the infield.

Watch as Mike Aviles, Lonnie Chisenhall, and Jason Kipnis entertain what was left of the drenched crowd on a night that was otherwise known as a wash.

Video: Fan snags both of Chris Carter's home runs in one game

On Tuesday, Chris Carter belted two home runs for the Astros to lift them past the visiting Twins.

As fate would have it, a lucky fan at Minute Maid Park managed to snag both of them, mainly due to the fact that Carter deposited each around the same spot in the stands.

Quick, calling all mathematics gurus, what are the odds that a fan catches two home run balls hit by the same player in the same game?

Alabama football player gives up Snickers for ice cream

Giving up candy bars would seem like a logical choice for a football player trying to get in excellent shape. However, giving up candy bars in favor of ice cream would seem relatively anti-productive.

Don't tell Alabama tight end O.J. Howard that as Howard recently gave up eating Snickers after dinner and is opting for ice cream instead.

“I used to eat about two of them a night,” Howard told Bama Online, “but now I can’t eat them anymore.

"I had to do something else," he added.

We can only assume the ice cream Howard is eating is reduced fat. Otherwise, it would seem Howard is eliminating a high-fat food option for another.

To each their own?

Via For the Win

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Video: Mariners team chef delivers turkey legs to fans

A couple of costumed Seattle Mariners fans sitting in the King's Court on Monday received an unexpected treat when the team chef rolled up to their seats and bestowed turkey legs to them.

Anyone who has ever seen movies depicting royals in old times knows how frequently giant legs of meat show up at the dinner table. So this seems totally appropriate and tasteful (pardon the pun).

The only thing missing is a goblet full of fine wine.

Video: Royals superfan from South Korea throws out awful ceremonial first pitch

It's been a banner week for Kansas City Royals superfan SungWoo Lee.

Lee made the trip to Kansas City for the first time after spending years watching the Royals from afar in South Korea. Due to the time difference, Lee often wakes up in the middle of the night to catch his beloved Royals on the television. Now that's devotion.

Anyways, Lee has been welcomed like a celebrity since arriving in K.C. He's won a dance-off, appeared in local television, been given a glove by broadcasters, and even witnessed his team take over first place Monday night.

Lee also threw out the ceremonial first pitch on Monday. And it didn't quite go as smooth as one would hope. Oh well. It's still been a hell of a trip the U.S. for Lee.

Video: Elderly Cubs fan makes slick catch, pulls switcheroo, throws ball back

Get out your pencil and notepad, folks. This elderly Cubs fan just showed us how it's done.

On Monday, Brewers slugger Mark Reynolds belted a ball that appeared to be heading out of the confines of Wrigley Field. Well, that was until this gentleman made a slick grab to pull the ball back into the stadium.

He then proceeded to quickly switch the home run ball with a ball he brought to the park before tossing the latter ball back onto the field (per tradition at Wrigley).

It's evident that this wasn't his first rodeo.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Video: Kevin Love trade receives Taiwanese animation treatment

Although the trade isn't quite official yet, Taiwanese animators have already immortalized the blockbuster deal involving superstar Kevin Love and No. 1 overall pick Andrew Wiggins.

The video features several cameos from Cleveland sports figures including Johnny Manziel, Anthony Bennett, Wiggins, Love and of course, LeBron James, all of which are doing ridiculous things on par with the nature of the animation treatment.

Hats off to the animators for another riveting clip.

Via The Big Lead

Video: American wins world yo-yo competition with wicked good routine

In case you missed the 2014 World Yo-Yo Contest, no need to browse around the web looking for highlights, because here is the routine that captured the title.

Seen here is 18-year-old American Gentry Stein wowing the crowd with a routine too difficult to even fathom how he pulled it off. Fortunately, we don't have to.

Score another one for the stars and stripes.

Via For the Win

Video: Clint Dempsey trades jersey for young fan's popcorn

As far as fair trades go, swapping an authentic game-worn jersey from a professional athlete is worth a lot more than a bucket of popcorn. But Clint Dempsey doesn't mind getting the short end of the deal if it means creating a moment one young fan of the Seattle Sounders will never forget.

That is precisely what the captain of the United States men's national team did on Sunday after his club notched a 2-0 victory over the Houston Dynamo.

Well done, sir. Well done.

Via Bleacher Report

Photo: T-shirt design replaces Redskins with rednecks

Some 1,500 Rednecks t-shirts were sold in the first week. (via Headline Shirts)

A t-shirt company called Headline Shirts in San Francisco is drawing attention to itself after creating a new line of shirts based on the controversial Washington Redskins logo. As you can see, their new line of shirt uses a man depicted as a redneck, complete with sunglasses, raccoon tail, mullet and a piece of straw, instead of the traditional Native American.

According to a representative for Headline Shirts, some 1,500 threads have already been sold in the first week alone, with that number sure to rise after the publicity it has garnered. For comparison, the company says the sales of this shirt are "easily five times the average for the first week of a new shirt."

"It's fun to sometimes stir the pot, and if we can get some attention for it, great," Ginsky said told Dan Steinberg of the Sports Bog. "This one we had a clear position on and just went for it. It definitely ruffled some feathers, and I was ready for that...The basic idea was to just sort of flip the script, to basically give people a taste of how it feels when the shoe is on the other foot. It's really just as simple as that."

Here is how Headline Shirts describes the rednecks tee:

Ronda Rousey: I could beat anyone in history

Ronda Rousey retouch.jpg

In an interview following a screening of her new movie, Expendables 3, Ronda Rousey discussed the ability to balance acting with her training to defend the batamweight UFC title.

For most people, balancing two jobs of that magnitude would most certainly result in a lower quality of work for one or both. But not Rousey. When she wasn't on the set shooting for Expendables 3, she spent her time training for her title defense against Alexis Davis, which she ultimately did by crushing Davis in a mere 16 seconds.

“I felt like I could do both to the best of my abilities, and yeah [the filming] cut into my training, but I did both and excelled at both,” said Rousey to For the Win.

Video: Peyton and Eli Manning star in sequel rap video for DirecTV

The Manning brothers are at it again.

A year removed from taking the world by storm with a rap video about getting football on your phone, Peyton and Eli are back yet again for a sequel, which features the joys of a fantasy football channel from DirecTV. Righteous.

The video includes a fog machine, bling, cameos, and Archie Manning floating in space. What more do you really need other than that?

Via For the Win

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Charles Barkley reveals why he nearly transferred to Auburn in new documentary

Charles Barkley is one of the most recognizable athletes to ever play for the Auburn Tigers. But there was a time when Barkley nearly made a decision that could have changed his Auburn legacy forever.

In the upcoming SEC Network documentary entitled "Bo, Barkley, and The Big Hurt," Barkley reveals why he almost transferred to rival Alabama after having a brief falling out with then-basketball coach Sonny Smith.

"I called the coaches at Alabama at the end of my sophomore year and told them I'm transferring to Alabama because I had just had enough," Barkley said.

"I got on him really bad one day and he couldn't take it any more," Smith says in the documentary. "He just walked off the floor and quit."

Video: Albert Pujols hits walk-off homer in 19th inning

It lasted into the early hours of the morning, but Albert Pujols finally ended the suspense when he blasted a walk-off home run in the bottom of the 19th inning to help the Angels down the Red Sox by a final tally of 5-4.

The blast didn't come without some controversy though as Boston skipper John Farrell challenged the call via instant replay. Fortunately for everyone involved except the Red Sox, the umpires upheld the call and sent the pro-Angels crowd home happy.

The 19-inning affair marked the longest game in Major League Baseball this season.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Alex Morgan blasts FIFA for treating women like 'guinea pigs'

Alex Morgan training 2012.jpg

Alex Morgan is quite upset with FIFA.

The U.S. women's soccer star made this crystal clear when she told TMZ Sports that she feels FIFA is treating the women players like "guinea pigs" by making them play the World Cup on artificial turf while the men are scheduled to continue playing on natural grass.

"They are treating us as second class to the men," said Morgan. "Using the women as guinea pigs in their experiment is just not right."

For the record, the 2015 World Cup is set to be played in Canada on artificial turf to serve as a test run. So there is definitely plenty of merit to Morgan's complaint.

Video: Watch LeSean McCoy toss 45-pound weight like a frisbee

LeSean McCoy is strong. Really strong.

This Vine video uploaded by McCoy from Eagles camp on Friday serves as conclusive evidence.

As you can see, McCoy launches a 45-pound plate weight similar to the way an average person might toss around a frisbee.


Via The Big Lead

Photo: What is up with Coco Crisp's new haircut?

Lance Iversen/USA TODAY Sports

On Friday, Coco Crisp debuted a new hairstyle as the Oakland A's edged out the Minnesota Twins, 6-5, at the Coliseum.

One look at the photo (seen above) is all it takes for the casual onlooker to wonder: What the heck is going on with Crisp's hair?

Perhaps Crisp chose to leave the extra chunk of his hair in the back to serve as shade from the Sun for his neck? Or perhaps the veteran outfielder is trying to spark a new cultural fad?

Via For the Win

Ronda Rousey has an obsession with Mew from Pokemon

Ronda Rousey may be the most intimidating woman in the entire world inside the Octagon. But there was a time when the undefeated UFC women's batamweight champion didn't seem much more than a harmless, Pokemon-loving nerd.

In a recent interview, among other topics, Rousey revealed her plans for life after retirement and her childhood love for all things Pokemon, particularly her obsession with the character known as Mew.

“Mew is the originator of all the other Pokémons… Mew is the original one and [all the other Pokémon] came from that one. And, you couldn’t catch Mew in the original game. You had to use the lavender town…. I actually went to the mall for those Pokémon events, those little tournaments to get me a Mew. I wanted Mew so bad. I like waited in line with all the other nerds for hours. I wanted to get me a Mew, and a Mew certificate of authenticity that I taped to my wall.”

Rousey gets what she wants, obviously.

Via For the Win

Video: 100-year-old Cubs fan delivers ceremonial first pitch

You have to admire this man's loyalty.

Despite living on this Earth for 100 years and not seeing his beloved Chicago Cubs win a World Series, John Bernauer remains loyal to the club who hasn't won a championship since 1908, which is roughly six years before Bernauer was even brought into this world.

On Saturday, his loyalty was rewarded as Bernauer received the privilege of throwing out the game's ceremonial first pitch at Wrigley Field.

Sure, he pulled a Scotty Smalls by walking the ball to the plate, but the fact that he's remained a Cubs fan through all these years is more impressive than anything.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Photo: Miguel Cabrera wants you to buy his salsa


Miguel Cabrera is getting into the salsa business.

No, not the dancing-type of salsa, the edible one, which Miggy proudly endorses his tomato-based product as "the Triple Crown of Salsas."

Miggy's Salsa is available in hot, medium and mild, with proceeds from the sales going toward The Miguel Cabrera Foundation. Cabrera's foundation aims to revitalize baseball fields in areas of need while providing scholarship assistance as well. So you can feel good about yourself when eating Miggy's Salsa knowing that you're making a difference in a child's life.

Chips sold separately.

Via For the Win []

Photo: Brian Kelly rolls into practice on a horse

View image on Twitter

As if the Notre Dame Fighting Irish don't already get enough press for their football program, the shenanigan head coach Brian Kelly pulled on Friday is sure to steal some headlines as well.

If Kelly's dramatic entrance to practice is any indication of the type of season Notre Dame is destined for, bettors might want to start lining up in Vegas to put money down on the Irish to win it all.

Via Bleacher Report

Photo: Alabama fan's anti-Auburn Wheel of Fortune shirt doesn't make sense


It's no secret that Alabama football fans despise Auburn football fans and vice versa.

Despite this common knowledge, an Alabama fan set out to prove his hate by wearing an anti-Auburn shirt with a Wheel of Fortune theme. Although the shirt is a clever idea, the whole intent of trashing your rival is ruined by the failure to understand how the popular game show works.

As Stephen Douglas of The Big Lead astutely points out, a contestant either buys all of the letter U's or none of them. You can't buy just one.

Ah, who cares. Roll Tide.

Photo: Chris Wood splits his pants during round at PGA Championship

View image on Twitter

Chris Wood was among the leaders at the PGA Championship after he recorded a 66 for the first round on Thursday. His score is even more impressive when you consider that he played half the round with a rip in his pants.

The England native tweeted out the photo seen above and admitted that the wardrobe malfunction occurred when he was reading a putt on the second hole of the day.

"They can all see my underpants," he said. "So it was quite embarrassing."

"Can you imagine? I'm 6-6 with a massive hole in my trousers in America," Wood said. "I'm going to get heckled for fun, aren't I? I just blanked out, to be honest. Everyone was laughing at me as soon as I hit my tee shot."

Video: DeMar DeRozan fooled by Johnny Depp impersonator

DeMar DeRozan celebrated his 25th birthday Thursday night. And part of the celebration included Toronto's All-Star guard meeting actor Johnny Depp. Well, not exactly.

Apparently, a Johnny Depp imposter just so happened to be hanging around the restaurant where DeRozan enjoyed his birthday dinner at with a large group of friends. When DeRozan gets word that Depp is there, watch as the NBA guard jumps all over the opportunity for a photo.

To be fair, that guy does seem a lot like Depp. He has the look, the style, the persona and the voice to match the Pirates of the Caribbean star. The only thing that doesn't make sense is why a guy of Depp's status would be loitering by himself outside a random restaurant.

Via TMZ Sports

Video: Oakland A's fan brings saxophone to game to play 'Careless Whisper'

Inspired by the walk-up song used by Oakland Athletics star Josh Reddick, a couple of fans brought fake saxophones to the Coliseum on Thursday to play along with "Careless Whisper" on the PA system when Reddick strolled to the plate.

However, not to be outdone by a couple of amateurs, a fan who brought a real saxophone stole the spotlight when he continued to play even when the music on the PA system stopped.

For those of you who have no idea what "Careless Whisper" is, let the legendary George Michael serenade you with his sweet vocals.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Recently released running back puts Colts teammate on blast via Twitter

It seems someone is still bitter about getting cut by the Indianapolis Colts.

While watching Indy's preseason game against the Jets on Thursday night, recently released running back Chris Rainey put former teammate Daniel "Boom" Herron on blast via Twitter, following Herron hauling in a touchdown pass in the second quarter.

Rainey deleted the tweets shortly after he sent them. But they live on thanks to the power of the online screen grab. Let's take a look, shall we?

Photo: Northern Illinois Huskies to wear corn-themed jerseys

Fans of the Northern Illinois Huskies football team planning to attend the season opener against Presbyterian are in for an aesthetic treat.

This is because the Huskies are set to wear corn-themed jerseys to pay homage to the annual Corn Fest event happening the same weekend as the football opener.

After the game, the special edition jerseys are set to be auctioned off for charity, so even if you hate the design, take solace in knowing the whole gesture is for a good cause.

Via Eye on College Football

NBA store refunding fans who bought Andrew Wiggins Cavaliers jersey

Fans who bought an Andrew Wiggins jersey with the Cleveland Cavaliers logo plastered onto it will get a reprieve for their purchase, if they desire.

According to Darren Rovell, the NBA Store has vowed to refund any purchases bearing Wiggins' name on a Cavaliers jersey, providing you still have the tags.

The announcement comes as a result of Wiggins getting traded to the Timberwolves as a major piece in the blockbuster Kevin Love deal.

Ironically, any fan who wore a Cavs Wiggins jersey wore it as many times during an actual NBA game as Wiggins did.

Via For the Win

Video: Miss Universe attends Yankees game

Beauty and baseball went hand-in-hand on Wednesday as Miss Universe chose to spend her evening rooting on the Yankees against the Tigers at Yankee Stadium.

As if having Miss Universe in attendance wasn't already enough, she was also flanked by Miss USA and Miss Teen USA, perhaps creating a ratings buzz when the broadcast crew featured them on screen.

Hey, it's just another reason to love baseball.

Mets goof up by giving fans promotional giveaway with Phillies logo on them

Mets Giveaway

The New York Mets are working hard to maintain their reputation of goofing up.

On Sunday, the team held a promotional giveaway for its fans, which featured a toy truck sponsored by W.B. Mason, the club's official office supplies company.

This was all and well until fans began to realize that the truck featured a logo of the rival Philadelphia Phillies instead of the Mets. Doh!

"At first I thought that maybe the trucks had different logos on them, but when I looked around, everyone else had a Mets logo on the door of the truck," said Mets fan Steven Mitzmacher, 28, who works in online marketing. "So I posted the picture on Twitter and Reddit to see how far it could go."

Bill Snyder crushes college athletics, says schools have 'sold out'

Coach Bill Snyder.jpg

At age 74, Bill Synder can definitely be classified as an old school football coach. Snider has amassed 178 victories in 22 seasons as head coach of the Kansas State Wildcats and he has seen the college football landscape change tremendously during that time. Quite frankly, Snider is not a fan of what college athletics has become.

"We're all about dollars and cents. The concept of college football no longer has any bearing on the quality of the person, the quality of students. Universities are selling themselves out."

Snider also said that he believes education has taken a backseat.

"It's no longer about education," Snyder said. "We've sold out to the cameras over there, and TV has made its way, and I don't fault TV. I don't fault whoever broadcasts games. They have to make a living and that's what they do, but athletics -- that's it. It's sold out."

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Did Tiger Woods have bone 'put back in' prior to PGA Championship?

Tiger Woods June 2014 (cropped).jpg

Just a few days removed from pulling out of the Bridgestone Invitational, Tiger Woods is back at it this week at the PGA Championship. But his return to the links didn't come without a relative medical marvel.

Apparently, Woods had a bone "put back in place" earlier this week, which has lessened inflammation in his back and has given him greater range of motion. The bone Woods referred to is called the sacrum. The sacrum is a large and triangular bone at the base of the spine which had previously popped out of place and was causing great discomfort (you think?).

Here is more on Woods courtesy of Steve DiMeglio of USA Today Sports.

Gene Simmons voices support for Donald Sterling

Gene Simmons 2012.jpg

There aren't too many people who have voiced their support in favor of Donald Sterling in the wake of his explosive remarks caught on tape. But count KISS star Gene Simmons among the few who actually side with the controversial owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Simmons, who co-owns the L.A. Kiss of the Arena Football League, had the following to say when asked about the Sterling story.

I’m on the side of Don Sterling.

Harry Douglas admits to using woman's deodorant on 'Hard Knocks'

Defensive backs around the league now have some smack talk material after Harry Douglas admitted to using woman's deodorant on HBO's Hard Knocks.

The Atlanta Falcons receiver pleaded to viewers not to judge him and added that the deodorant keeps him "fresh" and he "loves the way it smells."

Fair enough. We all have guilty pleasures, right?

Via The Big Lead

Video: Chrissy Teigen throws out first pitch at Dodgers game

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen was tasked with throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at the Los Angeles Dodgers game Tuesday night.

And this is about the only description you need to watch the video.

Falcons bestow amusing nickname to rookie on 'Hard Knocks'

Veterans of the Atlanta Falcons are not immune to giving rookies a hard time. And the latest evidence of this comes courtesy of HBO's Hard Knocks.

On the show, a rookie defensive tackle out of the University of Kentucky, Donte Rumph, earned a nickname he would rather not have: "Cupcake."

Rumph garnered the nickname when he injured his elbow in training camp was rolled around on the ground in extreme anguish. His coach then called him out for being soft like a cupcake and the rest is history.

Eventually, per his request, the Cupcake nickname was ditched after Rumph earned the right to be called by his normal name, thanks in large part to a couple good days of practice.

Via For the Win

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Video: BYU football team has epic lip sync battle

There are few things Americans love more than college football. But epic lip sync battles might rank right up there.

Behold, the BYU Cougars football team engaging in a sing-off for the ages as part of a team building activity ahead of the season.

The playlist included gems from such artists as Michael Jackson, N'Sync, Katy Perry, Psy, and of course any lip sync in 2014 would be incomplete without some tunes from Frozen.

Via For the Win

South Carolina self reports cookie cake icing violation to NCAA

The South Carolina Gamecocks were so concerned that cookie cakes served to recruits were a violation that they self reported the incident to the NCAA.

According to, the Gamecocks self reported 22 minor violations to the NCAA, one of which included an incident where the school believed it had served impermissible icing on cookie cakes during a recruiting event hosted on campus.

Fortunately, the NCAA reviewed the self reported violation and determined that no real harm was done by the Gamecocks. Because what kind of world would it be if dousing a delicious cookie cake with "decorative" icing is against the rules?

Apparently, South Carolina was afraid they violated NCAA bylaw, which states in part that an institution may not use "decorative items" and special additions to any location that prospective student athletes might visit on campus.


Video: Possum runs loose at Athletics-Rays game

A possum made an appearance during Monday night's game between the Athletics and Rays at the Coliseum.

The creature was spotted during the bottom of the 10th inning with the score all knotted at two. And it is very clear the commentators do not care much for the species of animal.

As for the game, Oakland would walk-off as winners just moments later thanks to a game-winning single by catcher Derek Norris.

NFL busts star in Dish commercial about wanting to go back to college

Who wouldn't want to go back to their glory days?

For former USC quarterback Matt Leinart, former Tennessee quarterback Heath Shuler and former Oklahoma linebacker Brian Bosworth, going back to their glory days means going back to college.

And that is exactly what the trio wants to do in this commercial for Dish.

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Burglar who stole from Hank Aaron's home gets eight years in prison

Hank Aaron - Baseball HOF Induction 2013.jpg

Last summer, the home of MLB legend Hank Aaron was broken into and items were stolen while Aaron was away in New York for the 2013 All-Star Game.

All told, police eventually caught three men responsible for the burglary involving Aaron's Georgia home, one of which received his punishment from a judge on Monday.

Isiah Slaton, 24, was sentenced to eight years in prison and 42 years of probation. Meanwhile, the other two men are still waiting to learn their fate.

The three were responsible for swiping jewelry, including rings destined for the Hall of Fame, and tried to steal two BMWs too. Although they drove the vehicles away from the home, they dumped them for police to find, which police eventually did.

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Mark Richt admits to pulling commit's scholarship over tweets

Mark Richt-May-21-08-CoachesTour2008.jpg

Social media giveth and social media taketh away.

Such was the case when Mark Richt recently revealed that he pulled a scholarship offer from a player committed to the Georgia program because of the commit's behavior on Twitter.

The Atlanta-Journal-Constitution has more on the story:

“There’s guys that we drop from the recruiting process because of things that we may find out on a visit. They may come and one of our current players will say, ‘Coach, he’s not going to make it around here.’ Or we had one kid last year because of what he had on social media. He had some stuff on social media that we didn’t like.”

Maryland basketball recruit loses scholarship over ice cream bar?

Trayvon Reed

Trayvon Reed had everything going for him when he walked into a 7-Eleven last week. The 7-foot-1 basketball star had a scholarship lined up to play for the Maryland Terrapins and life seemed to be going very well for the four-star recruit.

Well, that was until Reed attempted to steal an ice cream bar and then fight police when confronted about it. Here is more on the story from the Baltimore Sun:

According to court documents, two plainclothes officers working in the store saw Reed putting a Twix ice cream bar into his pants pocket and leaving the store without paying.

Lolo Jones shares terrible nightmare about abs

We all have nightmares. Nightmares are pretty much a guaranteed evil in life right along with taxes and wet socks.

For Lolo Jones, her worst nighmare was realized last night after having a dream where she didn't have her signature rock-hard abs. Apparently, she was absolutely terrified.
A world with no abs? Frightening!

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Arby's restaurant zings Bill Belichick with parking spot joke

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Bill Belichick won't have to worry about finding a parking spot if he rolls into a local Arby's this week as his Patriots conduct a joint practice session with the Redskins this week in Richmond, Va.

This is because that particular Arby's has already done Belichick a solid by setting him up with a reserved parking space (seen in the photo above).

The sign is in reference to Belichick being head coach of the New York Jets for a day after replacing Bill Parcells in 1997. Belichick immediately resigned and of course eventually wound up with the Patriots. As for the binoculars, those are symbolic of the infamous Spygate incident.

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Robert Kraft sends letter to parents of fallen American solider

It went unreported until now, but New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft quietly sent his condolences to the parents of an American soldier killed in battle by way of personal letter, soon after learning the soldier was a big Patriots fan.

In the letter, Kraft praised Southern California native Max Steinberg for joining the Israel Defense Forces to "keep our beloved Israel safe." Kraft reached out to the Steinberg family when he saw a picture of Max wearing a Patriots cap during a news broadcast reporting his death.

Steinberg died two weeks ago during a heated battle in Gaza that also reportedly killed 12 other IDF soldiers. He was only 24-years-old.

Needless to say, the letter is a classy gesture by Kraft.

You can read the letter in its entirety at this link.

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Video: Alabama football fans shamelessly sprint for Nick Saban's autograph

Some Alabama football fans just don't care about their dignity when trying to obtain an autograph from the man and legend himself: head football coach Nick Saban.

This is evidenced by the numerous number of fans caught sprinting onto the field this past weekend in an attempt to get Saban to sign a piece of their merchandise.

The whole scene is amusing at first until you realize there are actual folks willing to run over each other just to get up close and personal with the Crimson Tide leader.

Roll Tide.

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Video: Mitch McGary throws down awkward dunk

Well, this dunk by Mitch McGary won't ever win him a dunk contest.

The Oklahoma City Thunder rookie unveiled the unorthodox and awkward dunk during the NBA rookie photo shoot on Sunday.

Yep, a somersault and slow-footed sprint to the ball is involved before the Michigan Wolverine product throws down a one-handed jam.

Photo: 49ers set to serve fancy hot dog that will blow your mind

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Fans planning to attend a San Francisco 49ers game at brand new Levi's Stadium this season will have a chance to try one delicious-looking hot dog.

Seen in the photo above is an up-close view of the Double Barrel Wagyu hot dog courtesy of the Bourbon Steak and Pub. The delectable treat includes pork chicharrones, bacon, and guacamole among other toppings.

Proceed to eat at your own risk.

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Photo: Jon Lester takes out full page ad to thank Red Sox fans

On Sunday, Jon Lester chose to say goodbye to Red Sox fans by taking out a full page ad in the Boston Globe, thanking Red Sox Nation for a lifetime of great memories.

Here is the full text from the ad:

Dear Red Sox Nation,

I have a lifetime of great memories of Boston highlighted by 2 World Championships! Boston will always be home and the love that Red Sox Nation has shown me is something that I will forever cherish. You are truly the best fans in the world! I have been blessed to play with the greatest teammates who are family to me. I want to thank the Staff, Front Office and Ownership for always showing me respect and supporting me during the difficult times. The organization, the fans, and this city have embraced my family and me. My wife, my children and I will always be grateful for the love and kindness that we have enjoyed in Boston. Thank ya'll.

Video: One-armed youth baseball player hits, pitches in All-Star game

Dawson Batts was given one of the best baseball names known to man. But the North Carolina native was only given one arm at birth too.

Despite not having the luxury of a left arm, Batts has excelled on the baseball field, as evidenced by being selected to play for the East squad in the National Youth Baseball Championships.

Watch as Batts shows off both his ability to pitch and hit during a recent clash against the West club. As Batts once said, "I can do more with one arm than anyone else can do with two."

Batts hopes to play for the Red Sox one day.

Video: Andrew McCutchen rips Diamondbacks for intentionally hitting him with pitch

Andrew McCutchen was none too pleased about Arizona's decision to intentionally hit him with a retaliation pitch on Saturday.

The move to plunk McCutchen came on the heels of Diamondbacks All-Star Paul Goldschmidt suffering a fractured hand on a pitch delivered by Pirates reliever Ernesto Frieri.

As the unwritten rule in baseball goes, if one team injures another team's star player via hit by pitch, that team can expect the same result to happen to one of their stars. McCutchen understands this unwritten rule and wasn't too upset about actually getting hit. What he was upset with, however, was unexpectedly getting drilled in the ninth inning.

“They had all game to retaliate. They had the first inning to retaliate. They had the first pitch (of the ninth inning at-bat) to retaliate. They missed. You throw a slider on the second pitch and then you throw up and in on the next pitch. Are you trying to hurt me too? That’s the question…. We understand that retaliation is going to happen in this game. But you know, there’s a right way to do it. If you’re going to hit me, hit me. He hit me square in the spine. If I get hurt, what happens then?”

Baseball is a weird game sometimes.

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Photo: Browns fan wears amusing custom jersey

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The Cleveland Browns have been irrelevant in the NFL landscape for quite some time now. And Browns fans are very much aware of this cringeworthy fact.

However, there is hope yet again in C-Town after the Browns selected polarizing quarterback Johnny Manziel in the first round of this year's draft, leaving some to believe that 2014 could be their year.

With that in mind, check out the custom jersey one Browns fan sported recently with the letters "MAYBETHISYEAR" scrolled across the name plate.

For the sake of Browns fans, hopefully something positive happens soon, because even Cubs fans are beginning to feel sorry for them.

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Video: Jaguars mascot belly flops into stadium cabana pool

If this video of Jackonsville Jaguars mascot Jaxson de Ville is any indication of how the team's season will go, Jaguars fans are in for an awesome ride.

Watch as the furry cheerleader executed a perfectly timed belly flop into a cabana pool to the tune of Turn Down for What.

Largest scoreboards in the world? Check. Stadium cabana pools? Check. Crazy fun mascot? Check. Let the good times roll in Jacksonville.

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Photo: Bo Pelini poses with baby Cornhuskers fan

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This photo of Bo Pelini posing with an adorable baby dressed as a Cornhusker might be the early favorite for college football photo of the year.

It took place Friday at Memorial Stadium during Nebraska's annual Fan Day which gives fans the opportunity to meet players and coaches and get autographs.

Said the mother of the child who took the picture and posted it to Twitter: "I will never delete this photo from Huskers fan day from my phone."

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Video: McKayla Maroney throws out acrobatic pitch at White Sox game

And the most athletic first pitch thrown at a baseball game this season now belongs to Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney.

Watch as the 18-year-old acrobatically wheels and deals toward home plate before rifling the ceremonial pitch before the White Sox took on the Twins.

Well done.

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Dwyane Wade: I knew LeBron was leaving before he told me

Perhaps it was his body language, overall demeanor, or intuition, but Dwyane Wade knew LeBron James was leaving Miami before James actually told him.

Before James made his decision official, the two spent some time together in Las Vegas. And apparently James didn't exactly play his cards close to the vest.

From the South Florida Sun Sentinel:

“He called me the next day. But I knew then. Obviously he still had to say the final yay or nay, but I knew. I could tell.”

Nike not happy with Jimbo Fisher's son wearing Under Armour sweatshirt

Last November, Florida State beat rival Miami on the gridiron, which led to plenty of celebratory photos and videos after the game on the part of the Seminoles.

One of the photos featured Jimbo Fisher's son Ethan, who is battling a rare blood disorder, jumping into his father's arms in pure joy. As happy as this moment was, it didn't sit well with everyone, mostly because Ethan was wearing a Florida State sweatshirt made by Under Armour. This apparently angered some folks at Nike who has a $4.2 million licensing and apparel deal with the school.

The following is an email sent by Nike's assistant director for football sports marketing to Florida State in regards to the troublesome Under Armour sweatshirt (courtesy of the Wall Street Journal).

On-deck circle used for Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit sells for big money at auction

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How much is an on-deck circle worth that was used just prior to a player joining the exclusive 3,000 hit club? Apparently, the cost for such a historic item is valued at $16,730, which is the price the winning bidder paid at auction for it on Thursday.

For the record, Derek Jeter recorded his 3,000th hit on July 9, 2011, when he blasted a home run off Tampa Bay ace David Price. Jeter finished the game with five hits in five at-bats, thus, making him only the second player to notch five hits on the day he eclipsed the 3,000 mark (the first was Craig Biggio).

Furthermore, Jeter is the only member of the 3,000 hit club to record all of his hits as a member of the New York Yankees. All told, only 28 players in major league history have reached the 3,000 career hits mark.

Video: Cubs, Rockies spell out team names using cups in dugout

The Cubs and Rockies engaged in a battle both on and off the field Thursday.

The whole ordeal began when the visiting Rockies marked their territory by spelling out "Rox" in the opposing dugout at Wrigley Field. In response, the Cubs quickly assembled their own team name made of cups in their own dugout.

Hey, when you are in last place and own one of the two worst records in the entire league, you have to keep yourself occupied this late in the season.

Video: Orioles fan makes great barehanded grab with beer in other hand

Somebody give this Baltimore Orioles fan a contract!

Watch as the guy makes a great barehanded snag on a foul ball hit by Angels third basemen David Freese during the third inning of Thursday's game at Camden Yards.

What is important to note is that no beer was spilled in the process as the fan makes the catch with the use of just one hand.

Oh, his t-shirt is pretty awesome too.