Thursday, July 17, 2014

Video: Watch free agent Adam Carriker deadlift 500 pounds twice

A serious leg injury has kept defensive end Adam Carriker on the sidelines for the past two seasons. But the free agent is working hard to get back into the game after being released by the Redskins in March.

Check out the big guy lifting a whole bunch of weight in this Instagram video he posted of himself. Carriker also included the following caption for the photo.

"Each week a fan will ask how my leg is doing and when I'll be back on the football field. My answer has simply been that I'm focused and working hard. Yesterday, I did the hex bar dead lift for 2 reps at 505lbs. #LargestArmsOnTheDLine is not just strong...he is healthy."

Hey, the leg looks good to me.

Via Eye on Football

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  1. This man is trying very earnestly to rehabilitate his body and dignity.