Wednesday, July 23, 2014

San Diego Chargers build recreational softball team, fail to win league

The recreational softball team put together by the San Diego Chargers failed to win the league it competed in this summer. Thus, ending the debate once and for all that professional athletes can dominate average joes in any sport they choose.

The squad was led of course by quarterback Philip Rivers, who organized the team as part of a fun offseason hobby, and advanced to the finals last week before being eliminated by a team named after a local golf tournament. This coming after the Chargers already lost to the same team twice during the regular season.

So what went wrong for the NFL laden club? The Wall Street Journal explains:

“Fielding was the problem,” said Rivers, the softball team’s captain.

Many of the Chargers hadn’t played baseball or softball since high school. That was evident in their regular-season finale two weeks ago, when they hit pop ups and muffed ground balls. They still beat a team called One Bad Inning, 23-13.

“The Chargers are by far the most athletic guys on the field on Wednesday nights,” said Henry Schweichler, catcher for Randy Jones Invitational, “but we are the more skillful team.”

Score another one for the average joes.

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