Friday, July 25, 2014

Robert Griffin explains decision to wear one black cleat and one white cleat

(USA TODAY Sports Images)

On Thursday, Robert Griffin III strolled onto the practice field for the first time this season. This in and of itself is not exactly newsworthy. However, the fact that the Washington Redskins quarterback was wearing a black cleat and black stocking on one leg and a white cleat and white stocking on the other is.

Naturally, reporters were curious to know the explanation from Griffin. So they asked and the following is what RG3 told the inquisitive onlookers:

"Oh, the white and black cleats?" “You know, that’s something I’ve done since college,” the Baylor Bears product said.

Griffin went on to elaborate a bit:

“It’s called the yin and the yang," he said. "White and black working together. We’re all brothers. We’re doing it together.”

The mystery is solved then.

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  1. At least thought it would be so the coaches could see his footwork easier

  2. i think he need to stop drawing attention to himself and learn how to be a better pocket quarter back because NFL stand not for long if he sustain another injury.stop all the show boasting and learn your trade it's not about you it about the game,stay out the the press thank