Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rafael Soriano vows to turn down All-Star invite as replacement player after snub

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Rafael Soriano is still steaming mad that he wasn't included among the names listed for the National League All-Star roster released on Sunday. In fact, his exclusion from the roster is being called one of the biggest snubs of the entire selection process.

With that being said, Soriano has an excellent chance to earn a trip to the game as a roster replacement for another player. Well, that was until the veteran reliever vowed not to accept any invitation as a sign of protest after getting snubbed.

"In this job, nothing is given. What I’ve got, I’ve earned. No one has given it to me. Things are not given. The all-star game isn’t given to anyone. There are some pitchers who can’t pitch because they have to pitch on Sunday. I’m not going anymore. If the manager comes and tells me tomorrow, I’ll say I’m not going because I don’t want to be given anything. Things are not given, they’re earned. And if it’s by numbers, look up at the numbers of all the closers. Where am I? I’ll go home and spend three, four days there and I’ll forget about this."

Soriano's gripe with being snubbed is certainly warranted. After all, the right-hander is sporting a tidy 1.00 ERA in 36 innings of work this season for the Nationals. But it's safe to assume Soriano would have end up getting to go to the All-Star Game anyway if he had humbled himself to go as a roster replacement.

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