Saturday, July 19, 2014

New York Mets offering fans stadium sleepover for $200 per person


The New York Mets are offering fans the chance to actually live at the ballpark thanks to its 2nd Annual Citi Field Sleepover event scheduled for Saturday night.

The 15-hour event will give fans the chance to camp out on the field while watching their beloved Mets battle the San Diego Padres on the big board in centerfield.

In addition to the sleepover, fans will also be treated with dinner, breakfast, a late night snack, a complimentary pillow, a ticket to an upcoming game and an opportunity to meet Mr. and Mrs. Met.

The cost to participate in this festive gather is $200 per person for an order of 1-3 tickets or $175 per person for an order of 4-6 tickets.

For a franchise that has really goofed things up over the years, this promotion actually sounds like it will be a pretty awesome experience for those who take part in it.

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  1. But you have to pay to use the bathroom! LOL