Wednesday, July 16, 2014

MLB fails to honor Tony Gwynn during All-Star Game

Tony Gwynn

The Major League Baseball community lost a legend last month when Hall of Fame outfielder Tony Gwynn passed away at the age of 54. Since 1970, only Cal Ripken Jr. earned more trips to the All-Star Game than Gwynn did.

Unfortunately, MLB whiffed on the chance to honor Gwynn in some manner at the All-Star Game Tuesday night. Instead, viewers were given all of the Derek Jeter farewell spotlight they could handle.

It wouldn't have taken much to honor Gwynn's memory. A brief video tribute on the big board or a moment of silence would have done just well for one of baseball's purest hitters ever. But not a single thing was done to honor the ex-Padre and that is a huge disappointment for baseball.

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