Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Maurice Jones-Drew says ex-teammate wanted $200k for uniform number

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Maurice Jones-Drew will be donning a new number this season when he suits up for the Oakland Raiders. And it's one he tried to get while playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Appearing on SportsCenter, Jones-Drew revealed that No. 21 has always been his preferred number to wear. After all, he wore the number through high school and college before wearing No. 32 with the Jaguars. However, the reason for him not sporting No. 21 in Jacksonsville has nothing to do with the lack of trying. It had everything to do with the teammate owning it at the time not wanting to part ways for a small price.

“There was a guy by the name of Terry Cousin who had 21 in Jacksonville. I asked him politely, ‘Can you just allow me to have the number? It’s been in my family for a long time.’ He said, ‘For a small price.’ I’m thinking he’s going to say, like, dinner, going to say, like, a couple bucks. He said $200,000 and you can have it,” Jones-Drew recalled.

As we now know, Jones-Drew wisely refused Cousin's not-so-generous offer, and he wore the No. 32 for nearly a decade with the Jaguars.

Via Pro Football Talk

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