Monday, July 21, 2014

Kendall Marshall thanks Chipotle for time in Los Angeles

On Friday, Kendall Marshall was waived by the Los Angeles Lakers as part of a continued effort to free up as much salary cap space as possible for the upcoming season. Marshall was picked off waivers by the Bucks shortly thereafter.

On Sunday, Marshall took to Twitter to thank everyone in the Lakers organization for giving him a chance, which was definitely a classy gesture to do.

However, Marshall also wanted to thank the casual Mexican food chain Chipotle, and expressed his excitement in seeing what the restaurant had to offer in Milwaukee.
Via For the Win


  1. I'm a diehard Lakers fan, but Jordan Farmar & Kendall Marshall were better players than Steve Nash. Nobody's coming to Los Angeles anymore, unless you get Magic Johnson & the Showtime Lakers back. They are done with Jim Buss at the helm.

  2. Kobe Bryant must be delusional, or he's just at peace with his what he has accomplished in his career. Also knowing he has 2 more years left on his hefty contract. He really can't be happy with this team roster. Probably doesn't care anymore. Just get me out of here.

  3. Kupcheck and Jim Buss are two idiots. Since Dr. Buss passed away the Lakers have totally gone downhill. Jeannie Buss was the better option to keep the team at a high standard. But when you're a back-up's back-up (Mitch) or a brainless, drunken fool (Jim) what can be expected. I love my Lakers but you let K. Marshall and J. Farmar go....and you kept Steve Nash who was washed up 5 years ago? Someone needs to get rid of mutt and Jeff (Mitch and Jim) for the Lakers to have a chance.
    Joe Laker in Syracuse, NY

    1. You really do not understand much do you! Go read up on contracts and what happens when you just cut a big one, and then come back and talk. I agree with you about the players but not much can be done till he retires or contract ends!