Monday, July 28, 2014

Did Greg Maddux make a fart joke during Hall of Fame speech?

Maddux 53.jpg

On Sunday, Greg Maddux took his rightful place in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. As per tradition, Maddux also delivered an acceptance speech, which may have featured the first Hall of Fame speech that included a fart joke in the history of the storied institution.

My brother, Mike, led by example. Everything I was about to do on and off the field, he had already done. I was very fortunate to have a brother that I could learn from. He even taught me a little bit about science. It has to do with a little methane and a lighter, and I still get a huge kick out of it today. That’s funny, huh. OK.

Maddux is the best. I mean, is anyone really surprised that the same guy behind a fart joke in Cooperstown also used to pee on rookies in the shower?

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