Thursday, July 3, 2014

Brazil's head coach summons psychotherapist due to players being stressed

Winslow Townson - USA Today Sports

Brazilian players are apparently so stressed at the World Cup that head coach Luis Felipe Scolari has summoned the assistance of a psychotherapist to help calm their nerves.

Universidade Sao Judas Tadeu professor Regina Brandao has been called upon to give players a check-up from the neck up ahead of Brazil's quarterfinal match with Columbia on Friday. It seems the added stress caused from Brazil's narrow win over Chile in the Round of 16 has become too much for the squad to handle on their own. Thus, Brandao's services are desperately needed.

Part of the stress players are feeling certainly has to do with the fact that they're hosting the tournament and are favored to win. Anything less than winning the World Cup will be viewed as a disappointment.

“We are the hosts,” Scolari said, “so that means that the minimum we have to do — the minimum — is win.”

Talk about pressure.

Brazil will try to inch closer to the tournament finals when it meets Columbia on Friday at 4 pm. Winner moves on to the semifinals while the loser goes home. If it's Brazil, it won't be a long way to go.

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