Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bills great Andre Reed rips Johnny Manziel, Jon Bon Jovi in candid interview

Andre Reed Autographs USS Ronald Reagan Mar 20, 2009.jpg

Andre Reed is clearly not a fan of NFL rookie Johnny Manziel nor the idea of singer Jon Bon Jovi buying the Buffalo Bills and potentially moving the franchise to Toronto.

In a very candid interview with members of the "Buffalo Fan Alliance," Reed didn't hold back in ripping both Manziel and Bon Jovi. The following is what Reed had to say about Manziel sending a congratulatory tweet to LeBron James for his return to Cleveland.

"Who the f--k is Johnny Manziel?" Reed said. "LeBron ain't your guy! You're not 'Johnny Football.' You're 'Johnny Rookie B---h.' ... They'd boo that m----------r outta here [Buffalo]. The fans would put him in his place."

As for Bon Jovi and his alleged plan to try and move the team north of the border, Reed had some choice words for that idea as well.

"Man, f--k Bon Jovi," Reed said. "You might as well just take this city, throw it in the river and let it go down Niagara Falls."

Don't expect Reed to be getting Christmas cards from these two anytime soon.

Via Bleacher Report


  1. I love you man!!!!! To one of the best, whom invented "slot receiver". Congrats!

  2. There has never been anyone who was as dedicated to his position as Reed! He is the greatest receiver ever!