Thursday, July 3, 2014

Audio: Listen to President Obama call Clint Dempsey and Tim Howard

The United States didn't have the ending they were looking for in the World Cup. But they still exceeded expectations and temporarily fueled excitement for millions of fans across the nation.

This was enough to warrant a call from President Barack Obama as the leader of the free world phoned striker Clint Dempsey and goalkeeper Tim Howard to congratulate them on their performance.

“I just wanted to call to say you guys did us proud. You guys did great, and as somebody whose first sport was soccer, although I was never that good, to see the way you guys captured the hearts and the imaginations of the whole country is unbelievable.”

For Howard and Dempsey, the 2014 World Cup will probably be their last, as both will be getting up there in age by the time the 2018 World Cup rolls around. However, the pair will leave the spotlight as two of the most decorated soccer players in U.S. history.

Via For the Win

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