Thursday, July 31, 2014

Photo: Walmart builds fantastic Illinois football display

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The Walmart in Champaign is gearing up for Illinois football.

Check out this awesome soda display a local sports reporter snapped a photo of during a recent visit. As you can see, the Fighting Illini logo is alive and well among the boxes of pop.

Of course, Walmart wasn't going to let this display stand without putting their own logo smack dab in the middle as well.

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Athletics to hold Yoenis Cespedes t-shirt giveaway days after trade

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Saturday may be a bit awkward for the Oakland Athletics.

This is because the A's are planning to give away Yoenis Cespedes t-shirts to the first 10,000 fans through the turnstiles. This coming just after the club traded the Cuban native to the Boston Red Sox in the hours leading up to the non-waiver trade deadline.

Every fan loves free stuff. But Saturday's giveaway (assuming Oakland follows through with it) will be extra coveted given its newfound collector's value.

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Oregon Ducks rolling out scratch-and-sniff football tickets?

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We can always count on the Oregon Ducks football program to be on the cutting edge of innovation.

In the past, the Ducks have turned heads with their uniforms. Now it seems the football program is garnering attention once more with the introduction of scratch-and-sniff tickets.

According to Darren Rovell of ESPN, the Ducks have partnered with Carl's Jr. to sponsor 140,000 scratch-and-sniff season football tickets. College football and burger-scented tickets: How American is that?

Aside from the scratch-and-sniff, Oregon is also rolling out three other ticket designs: a foiled for Fresno State, a textured for UCLA and a hologram for Washington.


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Keyshawn Johnson sends wedding guests iPads for invitations

It seems no expense is being spared in the wedding of Keyshawn Johnson.

The former NFL wide receiver and television personality recently sent out wedding invitations and it's safe to say they are pretty much the best wedding invitations of all-time.

This is because the invitations came in the form of iPad 4s with each device pre-programmed with the schedule of Johnson's special day. According to TMZ Sports, the iPads were sent to guests a few weeks ago, and a program informs the guests about the wedding guests as soon as an iPad is powered on.

The list of goodies on the iPads include a photo gallery, guestbook, wedding registry, and a countdown clock to the big day, among others.

Johnson is slated to marry longtime girlfriend Jennifer Conrad who is also the mother of two of his children.

Photo: Redskins kicker gets awful haircut as part of rookie hazing

Washington Redskins rookie Zach Hocker appears to be currently sporting an atrocious hairstyle thanks to the tradition of rookie hazing.

Hocker, who was drafted in the seventh round of this year's NFL Draft as a kicker, posted this photo (seen above) to his Instagram account Wednesday along with a caption that reads: “No one ever said your rookie season would be easy…"

Right you are, Zach. Right. You. Are.

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Video: Indians honor traded teammate by wearing high socks

On the heels of watching one of their teammates be traded, the Cleveland Indians honored pitcher Justin Masterson on Wednesday by each wearing their socks in Masterson's signature style.

Masterson had been a member of the Indians organization since coincidentally being acquired via trade in July 2009. Now the right-hander will make his home in St. Louis after the Cardinals sent a minor league prospect to Cleveland in exchange for Masterson's services.

Long live the high socks!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Photo: Television broadcast introduces Twins rookie pitcher to viewers with funny facts

The photo above shows how the Fox Sports North broadcast introduced Minnesota Twins reliever Logan Darnell to viewers during a recent game. The appearance marked just the second of his major league career.

As you can see, Darnell cannot grow a mustache, signs in the car all the time, and apparently dresses like a slob in the minor leagues.

Who needs win-loss records, innings pitched, and earned run average?

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Iowa Hawkeyes offer students chance to win free tuition by buying season tickets

With overall season ticket sales in steep decline, the Iowa Hawkeyes are offering students an enticing deal to try and get more fans in the stands this year at football games.

According to the Associated Press, the school is offering to give five random students a year's worth of free tuition by simply purchasing season tickets for the upcoming campaign.

The AP has more:

The move is designed to boost a sharp decline in student sales since 2012. The Hawkeyes have seen those numbers drop from 10,000 to roughly 7,000 in less than two years, and any unsold season tickets allotted to students will be made to the general public as well on Friday.

'Caucasians' t-shirt trolls Indians logo, selling like crazy on reservation

In an attempt to raise awareness about the Cleveland Indians' use of the Chief Wahoo logo, the Toronto Star recently came across the following t-shirt design, which is an obvious jab at the Indians nickname.

As you can see, the logo features the word "Caucasians" with the logo of Chief Wahoo altered to reflect a dollar sign dressed as headwear.

Apparently, the t-shirt is a hot item on an indian reservation in Ontario.

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UFC's Joe Riggs accidentally shoots himself in the hand, leg


Joe Riggs was scheduled to make a comeback fight against Paulo Thiago after spending more than eight years away from the UFC.

Unfortunately, that fight has been cancelled after UFC revealed that Riggs has sustained self-inflicted albeit accidental gunshot wounds to his hand and leg.

We were made aware that newly-signed UFC competitor Joe Riggs was involved in an unfortunate accident last night. While cleaning his permitted firearm (a pistol), the gun discharged, injuring his hand and upper thigh. Riggs was transported to a nearby hospital in Arizona where he is being treated by physicians. We wish Joe a speedy recovery.

The good news is that Riggs is pretty much fine. Well, aside from the fact that he won't be able to compete in his first UFC fight since being released from the mixed martial arts circuit in 2006.

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Bills great Andre Reed rips Johnny Manziel, Jon Bon Jovi in candid interview

Andre Reed Autographs USS Ronald Reagan Mar 20, 2009.jpg

Andre Reed is clearly not a fan of NFL rookie Johnny Manziel nor the idea of singer Jon Bon Jovi buying the Buffalo Bills and potentially moving the franchise to Toronto.

In a very candid interview with members of the "Buffalo Fan Alliance," Reed didn't hold back in ripping both Manziel and Bon Jovi. The following is what Reed had to say about Manziel sending a congratulatory tweet to LeBron James for his return to Cleveland.

"Who the f--k is Johnny Manziel?" Reed said. "LeBron ain't your guy! You're not 'Johnny Football.' You're 'Johnny Rookie B---h.' ... They'd boo that m----------r outta here [Buffalo]. The fans would put him in his place."

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jimbo Fisher says playing baseball has made Jameis Winston 'a better football player'

How does Jimbo Fisher feel about Jameis Winston playing both baseball and football at Florida State? Apparently, the Seminoles head football coach is completely fine with it.

Fisher made an appearance on ESPN's First Take on Monday and proceeded to give his thoughts on the Heisman winner being a two-sport athlete in college. The following is what Fisher had to say:

“Baseball is a game of failure. Baseball is a much greater game of failure. It’s a whole different mindset. Anytime you’re competing in any sport, I think it’s good, but what baseball teaches you is how to overcome adversity. It teaches you how to fail and fail and fail, and still be able to perform.

“I think as a quarterback, I don’t care how good you are, there are going to be bad moments...I think baseball slows it down for him and has made him a better (football) player.”

Video: Epic table tennis rally for the ages

You may go your entire life without seeing a table tennis rally as compelling and exciting as this one.

Seen here is a Commonwealth Games semifinals match between Segun Toriola of Nigeria and Gao Ning of Singapore which features a 41-shot rally at one point!

Watch as Ning puts Toriola on his heels by repeatedly smashing offensive shot after shot. However, Toriola is able to play defense until Ning finally makes an error on his own.

While Toriola won the point, Ning went on to win the match.

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Photo: Ryan Lochte shares glimpse of 10,000 calorie meal

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While most people keep in shape by consuming fewer calories, Ryan Lochte is not most people, as clearly evidenced by the 10,000-calorie meal he recently shared on Twitter.

Chicken? Check? Asparagus? Check? What appears to be macaroni and cheese? Check.

Hopefully the Olympic swimmer observes the 30-minute wait time between devouring this meal and hopping back into the pool.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Photo: Clubber Lang fight robe worn by Mr. T in 'Rocky III' headed for auction

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A piece of boxing history could very well be yours for the right price.

Beginning on Tuesday, the bidding will open on the Clubber Lang fight robe worn by Mr. T in "Rocky III." The historic drab is being auctioned off by Grey Flannel Auctions.

Here is a description of the item:

Robe screen-worn by Mr. T who played the character Clubber Lang in “Rocky III”, an installment of one of the most successful sports movie franchises in history. The six movie franchise has grossed approximately $566 million. Baby blue silk robe with white trim. On the back reads “CLUBBER LANG SOUTH SIDE SLUGGER” in white chain-stitching. This robe was presented to us as screen-worn. Accompanied by an LOA from Frank Stallone.

Did Greg Maddux make a fart joke during Hall of Fame speech?

Maddux 53.jpg

On Sunday, Greg Maddux took his rightful place in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. As per tradition, Maddux also delivered an acceptance speech, which may have featured the first Hall of Fame speech that included a fart joke in the history of the storied institution.

My brother, Mike, led by example. Everything I was about to do on and off the field, he had already done. I was very fortunate to have a brother that I could learn from. He even taught me a little bit about science. It has to do with a little methane and a lighter, and I still get a huge kick out of it today. That’s funny, huh. OK.

Maddux is the best. I mean, is anyone really surprised that the same guy behind a fart joke in Cooperstown also used to pee on rookies in the shower?

Photo: Kirk Cousins riding in style with grandma's conversion van

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Nobody will be rolling up to training camp in more style than Kirk Cousins.

The Washington Redskins quarterback is proudly pictured above behind the steering wheel of a conversion van he just bought from his grandma.

Here's more on the slick set of wheels from the Washington Post:

“It’ll serve us well,” Cousins said. “Because my wife and I each have a car, but then when people come into town it’ll kind of be a third car. And it’s perfect for driving the hour-and-a-half from Ashburn to the games. And then they can tailgate, and they’ve got a TV in there, and you can kind of carry luggage in there. So it works well when visitors come to town for games, and Julie and I will take it on road trips in the offseason.”

Cousins added that he has always liked his grandparents' van and his grandma no longer has a need for it with the passing of his grandpa during the offseason.

The van is sure to be a hit at training camp, right?

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Buff Bagwell's next move in life is porn?

Buff Bagwell may soon have a new occupation.

While starring on "Gigolos," a reality television show where affluent ladies pay for the services of male companions, Bagwell caught the eye of Vivid boss Steve Hirsch, who believes an x-rated film featuring Bagwell would be an "absolute blockbuster."

According to TMZ Sports, Hirsch and Bagwell recently met to iron out the details of a deal, with Bagwell's wife (Judy) giving her husband a vote of confidence in the negotiations.

The 44-year-old is best known for his time served as a professional wrestler with World Championship Wrestling from 1991 to 2001.

Photo: Peyton Manning gets sacked by his son?

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As quarterback, tackling Peyton Manning during practice is pretty much off limits to his Denver Bronocs teammates.

But apparently the same rules don't apply to Manning's son as the little guy took down his Hall of Fame-bound dad in a recent practice.

The end result is an adorable photo of Manning, his three-year-old son and daughter.

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Photo: Louisville's Montrezl Harrell shatters backboard with mighty dunk

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Montrezl Harrell continues to terrorize backboards.

After setting a new school record for most dunks in a single season, the Louisville Cardinals junior has been tugging on rims in summer league this offseason, resulting in the second backboard he has broken on Sunday.

At 6-foot-9 and 235 pounds, Harrell is widely regarded as one of the most athletic and expolosive big guys in college basketball. So we can expect more rim-rocking action from him in the months to come.

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Video: Jaguars unveil world's largest scoreboards

The two largest scoreboards in the world now belong to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

On Saturday, following a friendly soccer match between D.C. United and Fulham, the Jaguars unveiled the HD LED video boards to the crowd. The scoreboards loom over each endzone and measure a mind-boggling 62 feet high by 362 feet wide. That amounts to 22,000 square feet of video display capability.

Move over, Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys. Your tiny 180 feet by 72 feet big screen inside AT&T Stadium cannot stack up to this.

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Video: Yonder Alonso rips pants during attempted steal

Yonder Alonso experienced a uniform malfunction Saturday night when the San Diego Padres first basemen ripped his pants during an attempted steal.

The comical moment came in the top of the sixth inning against the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field when Alonso's bid to swipe second ends badly.

Making matters worse is the fact that Alonso had to jog all the way back to first base because the pitch was fouled off.

Video: Line drive ricochets off Marlins pitcher to shortstop for unlikely out

It took a true team effort by the Miami Marlins to record this out against the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park on Saturday.

Watch as Houston's Chris Carter rips a line drive off Miami pitcher Tom Koehler's back that ricochets into the air and somehow gets caught by shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria for the out.

Oh, just your typical 1-6 putout.

Thankfully, Koehler turned out to be okay and stayed in the game.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Video: Dragonfly narrowly escapes being obliterated by fastball

A rogue dragonfly cheated death on Saturday by narrowly escaping a pitch thrown by Chris Capuano.

Watch the slow-mo replay as the insect somehow manages to evade the ball as it whistles at a rate of 90 mph toward home plate.

While the dragonfly came away unscathed, the New York Yankees did not, losing by a mark of 6-4 to the visiting Toronto Blue Jays.

Video: Mike Tyson has a new animated show and it looks outrageous

Mike Tyson is not a normal guy. So it's only appropriate that his new Adult Swim cartoon Mike Tyson Mysteries is ridiculous as well.

The powers that be released a sneak preview of the show during Comi-Con in San Diego this weekend and it looks every bit as outrageous as one might expect.

Tyson was also in San Diego handing out action figures to help promote the launch of his new show. Mike Tyson Mysteries is slated to premiere this fall. Set your DVRs accordingly.

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Photo: A list of dubious fines NFL will impose on players this year

The National Football League is cracking the whip on dubious player violations such as illegal chin straps, writing personal messages on cleats, and throwing souvenir footballs into the stands.

Ben Volin of the Boston Globe tweeted out the NFL's fine chart on Friday and it is full of potential violations and the costs associated with them.

For example, throwing a football into the stands will set a player back $5,512 for the first incident and $11,025 if the same player does it again.

The stiffest fine is assigned to a player making physical contact with an official or generally fighting at $27,562 for the first offense. These two seem justified as players should never get physical with the zebras or engage in fighting on the field.

On the other hand, getting slapped with an $8,268 fine for wearing an unapproved chin strap seems excessive at best. I mean, what kind of competitive edge can a player get by using an illegal strap?

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Carmelo Anthony: I want to win, I don't care about money

Carmelo Anthony Nov 2013.jpg

Carmelo Anthony has a message for anyone who believes who chose to re-sign with the New York Knicks for the primary reason of money.

"I want to win," he told ESPN in his first interview since re-signing. "I don't care about the money."

Anthony's comments are interesting, because on the surface, signing with the Knicks over other potential suitors seems like it came down to cash. The Knicks offered one year and $30 million more than any other team could have offered. And the team also missed the playoffs last year and aren't expected to be much more improved this next go around.

Video: Texans cheerleaders star in smoking hot swimsuit video

If you're not a fan of the Houston Texans, perhaps this smoking hot video of Texans cheerleaders strutting their stuff in Puerto Rico will make you become one.

The video was shot as part of the making of Houston's swimsuit calendar and I think we are all grateful of the sneak peek the ladies provided us.

There is dancing. There is posing. There is bikinis. Need I say more?

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Video: Unreal footage of alligators trying to maul each other on golf course

Here is something you don't see everyday at the golf course.

Check out this amazing video footage of two alligators trying to destroy each other on a Florida golf course. And enjoy the commentary by the crowd of onlookers as they try to make sense of what they're witnessing.

At one point, an alligator loses a tooth, which the opportunistic cameraman swoops in to collect for a souvenir.

Despite being so close to volatile amphibians, the guys feel comfortable enough to suggest teeing off near the end of the video. You know, while they still have the chance.

Via Eye on Golf

Video: Is this the great mini golf hole-in-one ever?

Anyone who has ever played miniature golf has probably experienced the thrill of sinking a hole-in-one. But the dudes who shot this video took acing a hole to a whole new level (no pun intended)!

Watch as the man patiently waits a full minute to witness his putted ball end up at the bottom of the cup. Pretty sweet, right?

As good as it was, I don't know if it tops the epic shot Happy Gilmore sunk to win the coveted gold jacket (video below). What do you think?

Robert Griffin explains decision to wear one black cleat and one white cleat

(USA TODAY Sports Images)

On Thursday, Robert Griffin III strolled onto the practice field for the first time this season. This in and of itself is not exactly newsworthy. However, the fact that the Washington Redskins quarterback was wearing a black cleat and black stocking on one leg and a white cleat and white stocking on the other is.

Naturally, reporters were curious to know the explanation from Griffin. So they asked and the following is what RG3 told the inquisitive onlookers:

"Oh, the white and black cleats?" “You know, that’s something I’ve done since college,” the Baylor Bears product said.

Griffin went on to elaborate a bit:

“It’s called the yin and the yang," he said. "White and black working together. We’re all brothers. We’re doing it together.”

The mystery is solved then.

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Video: Carlos Gomez dresses in Ninja Turtles outfit to videobomb teammate

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There are so many things to like about this video.

First, you have All-Star centerfielder Carlos Gomez dressed up as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and dancing around teammate Mark Reynolds during an interview with MLB Network. You also have Reynolds wearing a t-shirt featuring Matt Garza as the Count from Sesame Street.

Check out the video clips below...

Photo: Longhorns spell 'Texas' wrong in media guide


The Texas Longhorns made a glaring error in each and every single one of their player profile pages in this year's media guide.

As you can see, there is a box at the bottom of each page telling readers to visit "" Obviously, Texas is misspelled. Doh!

An opportunistic Oklahoma fan caught wind of this error and bought the domain to "" to leave a trolling message for Longhorns fans.

Let's hope Texas' season goes a lot smoother than their media guide.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Kansas State football coach Bill Snyder admits to eating only one meal per day, Taco Bell

Coach Bill Snyder.jpg

I'm not a nutritionist, but I would venture to say that eating only one meal a day is not optimal.

For 74-year-old Bill Snyder, head football coach of the Kansas State Wildcats, eating one meal a day is a way of life. And it is a way of life that often involves stifling his appetite at Taco Bell.

From ESPN:

“One meal a day is accurate,” Snyder said Wednesday. "It’s not always Taco Bell. I like Taco Bell. But I eat at other places.”

When asked why he prefers Taco Bell over everywhere else, Snyder confessed that sometimes the fast food restaurant is the only place open so late at night.

Photo: Charles Tillman shows off disgusting training camp room

For the next few weeks, Charles Tillman will apparently be living in shambles, judging by the photo he posted of his training camp room to Facebook.

The room is located on the campus of Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, Illinois and is destined to cause extreme depression and solitude.

Hey, when taking into account how poor the accommodations are for professional athletes like Tillman, perhaps the actual on-field training camp isn't so bad.

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Which teams will emerge as Super Bowl contenders in 2015?

The grueling wait for professional football will soon come to an end when the National Football League's preseason slate kicks off at the beginning of August.

It goes without saying, but it's been nearly half a calendar year since the Seattle Seahawks surprisingly steamrolled the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII. And it will be roughly another half a year until we get the chance to see two more teams battle for the Vince Lombardi Trophy. The only question is which teams will successfully navigate their way to the biggest football game of the season?

As always, it would be a sin not to mention the defending champions as hopefuls when discussing Super Bowl XLIX, which is scheduled to take place inside University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona. The Seahawks return the NFL's stingiest defense which limited opposing offenses to just 14.4 points a season ago. Plus, the emergence of Russell Wilson at quarterback should bode well for a potential repeat bid as well.

Green Bay honors Mike McCarthy by naming street after him

Jim Matthews/AP

Mike McCarthy joined elite Green Bay Packers company on Wendnesday when the village board of Ashwuabenon unanimously voted to rename Potts Avenue (which is one block southeast of Lambeau Field) in his honor.

The new street is called "Mike McCarthy Way" to pay homage to the coach who has led the Packers to 88 wins, six playoff appearances and one Super Bowl victory during his eight seasons at the helm.

McCarthy joins the likes of Vince Lombardi, Brett Favre and Tony Canadeo as Packers greats who have been honored with having streets named after them.

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Theo Epstein very upset over rival Cardinals receiving extra draft pick

Theo Epstein 2010.jpg

Theo Epstein is none too pleased about the Cardinals receiving an extra pick for the 2015 MLB Amateur Draft in Wednesday's Competitive Balance Lottery.

Despite making the postseason 10 times since 2000, the Cardinals were among five other teams that received a bonus pick between the first and second rounds. This has Epstein throwing his proverbial hat and scratching his head as to why.

“I could talk all day about the Cardinals and how much we hold them in high regard,” Epstein said. “That’s a fantastic franchise. They have been for the better part of a century. They do extremely well from a baseball standpoint, and from a revenue standpoint. That’s probably the last organization in baseball that needs that kind of (an) annual gift.

Because it’s not necessarily the type of thing that they need, given their performance on the field and off the field,” Theo continued. “They do a fantastic job. It just doesn’t seem like something they need at this point.”

Chris Bosh selling mansion in California for $14.5 million


Chris Bosh may be nearly a $120 million richer after signing a long-term contract extension with the Miami Heat. However, the extra boost in cash wasn't enough to convince him to hang onto his mansion in California.

For a cool $14.5 million, this cross between Mediterranean and Balinese can be all yours. The estate features a fireplace, sitting room, spa, exercise room, pool and a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean.

Bosh previously rented the home for $45,000 a month to musician Donald Glover who used the mansion to record his new album called "Because The Internet."

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Video: Yadier Molina leaves brother a snack on home plate

Yadier Molina is somehow making an impact on the field despite being shelved on the disabled list. How so, you ask? Let me explain.

You see, Yadier's brother, Jose Molina, is in town this week as the Cardinals play host to the Rays. And Yadier would be remiss to let Jose leave town without having some fun.

So, with the help of St. Louis third base coach Jose Oquendo, Yadier strategically left Jose a couple packs of crackers on the plate in between innings. When Jose settled in behind the dish, he quickly picked them up and played the inning with the snacks in tote.

Ah, brotherly love.

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San Diego Chargers build recreational softball team, fail to win league

The recreational softball team put together by the San Diego Chargers failed to win the league it competed in this summer. Thus, ending the debate once and for all that professional athletes can dominate average joes in any sport they choose.

The squad was led of course by quarterback Philip Rivers, who organized the team as part of a fun offseason hobby, and advanced to the finals last week before being eliminated by a team named after a local golf tournament. This coming after the Chargers already lost to the same team twice during the regular season.

So what went wrong for the NFL laden club? The Wall Street Journal explains:

Photo: Canadian magazine imagines Bryce Harper in Expos uniform


In the latest edition of Sportsnet, which features a ton of "what if" content as part of an alternative history in sports, the Canadian magazine pictures Bryce Harper in a Montreal Expos uniform.

In Sportsnet's imaginary sports world, Harper plays for the Expos because the magazine believes the outfielder would have still been chosen by the same franchise. You may remember the Expos leaving Montreal in 2005 in favor of Washington to become the Nationals.

The magazine also boasts 21 other twists that could have changed everything in the world of sports. Namely, what if the Toronto Raptors had landed the No. 1 overall pick in 2003 and chosen LeBron James?

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Video: Jacoby Jones competes in drag show contest, loses

Being the competitor he is, Jacoby Jones couldn't turn down an offer to participate in a cruise ship competition. Even if it meant the Super Bowl hero had to dress up in drag and strut his stuff in front of hundreds of strangers.

TMZ Sports was able to obtain some video footage from that fateful event which clearly shows the wide receiver competing in the adults-only game show. Unfortunately, Jones walked away without earning the top prize despite boasting an ill-fitting bra and a Louis Vuitton purse.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Video: Amateur umpire rings up hitters in hilarious fashion

As a hitter, nothing is more embarrassing than striking out. Especially when it's the umpire who decides your fate with a strike three looking.

Well, this umpire featured in the video above is taking ringing up batters to a whole new level. And it has to be a joy to watch for the opposing pitcher and defense.

For the batter? Not so much. But perhaps the hitters with good sense of humors can chuckle a bit at the spectacle as well.

Via Bleacher Report

Joel Embiid moving on to Rihana on Twitter after Kim Kardashian fail

Despite getting ignored, Joel Embiid is not backing down on his bid to reach out to Kim Kardashian.

Embiid tried again to solicit a response from Kanye West's wife on Tuesday and once again was denied. So the NBA rookie proposed what any other bitter Twitter user would after getting dissed on the social media site. Embiid has proposed to block her.
On a brighter note, it appears Embiid is ready to move on from Kardashian to Rihana. So there's that.

Michael Sam on Tony Dungy: Thank God he doesn't coach Rams

(USA TODAY Sports Images)

On Tuesday, Michael Sam responded to comments made by Tony Dungy where the latter said Monday that he wouldn't want the former Missouri Tigers star on his team. Dungy didn't say it specifically, but the ex-Colts coach essentially said he wouldn't take Sam on his team because he was openly gay and would serve as a "distraction" to the rest of his teammates.

Sam responded by saying he was happy that Dungy wasn't calling the shots for the Rams during the most recent NFL Draft.

"Thank God he wasn't the St. Louis Rams coach," said Sam. "I have a lot of respect for Coach Dungy. And like everyone in America everyone is entitled to their own opinions."

Regardless of how where you stand with Sam playing in the NFL, I think we can all agree that it was a solid response by the rookie. It was both tempered and classy enough to stifle any further controversy and that is exactly what Sam wants while trying to latch onto an NFL roster.

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Video: Baby tries helplessly to stay awake at Blue Jays game

Monday night was rough if you were a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays watching the Boston Red Sox demolish your team inside the Rogers Centre.

The Red Sox pounded out 18 hits and plated 14 runs in a lopsided win over the Canadian Bluebirds. And the lack of things to cheer about for this baby was too much to handle as the poor child helplessly tried to stay awake near the end of the game.

It looks like the game ended well past this baby's bed time.

Video: Arsenal soccer players butcher New York accents

For the first time in history, Arsenal is heading to New York City to play some soccer. And in order to get ready to crash America's largest city the club felt compelled to try their hand at speaking like New Yorkers.

Watch as Carl Jenkinson, Kieran Gibbs, Mathieu Flamini and Serge Gnabry try and fail miserably to replicate some common phrases heard around the Big Apple. As we might expect, the results were less than stellar.

Good job. Good effort.

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Former UCLA associate athletic director convicted in child porn case


Former UCLA Bruins associate athletic director, Michael Sondheimer, will have his name placed on the sex offender registry list after pleading no contest to possession of child porn.

In April 2013, Sondheimer was charged with a felony when authorities discovered child porn on his work-issued laptop. At the time, Sondheimer pled not guilty.

Following some more time to think the situation over, Sondheimer has reportedly struck a plea deal by agreeing to three years probation and having his name registered on the sex offender list for the rest of his life.

In addition to those punishments, Sondheimer was ordered to attend sex offender counseling for one year and must also forfeit the computer that contained the illegal images, which seems like a no-brainer.

Via TMZ Sports

Monday, July 21, 2014

Which MLB team is a good bet to surprise in second half?

At this point in the Major League Baseball season, it is safe to say that there are no shortage of World Series contenders. In fact, of the 30 teams in the league, all but a handful of them remain within striking distance of a playoff spot. Of course, this is largely thanks to the newly added second Wild Card spot.

With that being said, there is still a lot of baseball left to be played in the 2014 regular season. And this means that countless scenarios can potentially take place. So don't put too much stock into those midseason MLB odds just yet.

For example, which team will finally pull away in the four-team race for the National League Central Division title? Can the Moneyball-minded Oakland Athletics hold off the hard-charging and deep-pocketed Los Angeles Angels? And who will prevail in the heated two-team battle between the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League West?

These are just a few questions yet to be answered in the last 10 weeks or so of the season. In the meantime, let us have a stab at identifying which team(s) is primed to breakout in the second half and make a deep run toward the World Series. But before we do that, we must first know the odds that are being assigned to each team. After a review of the complete MLB odds for the World Series, I've identified one team in particular who is currently being undervalued.

Video: Minor league baseball fans pranked with undesirable free stuff

Every fan loves receiving free stuff. And no sports teams give away more free stuff to lure fans inside the stadium than minor league clubs.

With that said, the fans on hand for a recent Lowell Spinners game were ripe for the pranking when the team decided to have some fun at their expense.

Watch as fans receive plenty of free stuff during the fifth inning. However, none of the "game-used memorabilia" are things they desire.

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Video: Andre Drummond shows why basketball players shouldn't bowl

Andre Drummond set out recently to show why professional basketball players shouldn't make the crossover into the sport of bowling.

Some way, some how, Drummond found a way to actually make the Vine video rather funny. Hey, using the Brother Bones version of "Sweet Georgia Brown" (aka Harlem Globetrotters theme song) didn't hurt at all.

It looks like Drummond is spending his offseason time well.

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Mike Krzyzewski would trade Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love 'right away'

If it were up to Mike Krzyzewski, he wouldn't have to think twice about the Cavaliers trading No. 1 overall pick Andrew Wiggins to the Timberwolves for Kevin Love.

The Love-for-Wiggins deal has been proposed ever since LeBron James announced his decision to return to Cleveland. However, the speculatory proposal has been the subject of great debate among the basketball community. Some favor the deal and others do not. Count Coack K among the contingent that believes the Cavs should pull the trigger if they get a chance.

“I mean, I’ve coached him on two teams,” he said of Love. “No pun intended, but I love Kevin Love. He’s young, too. He’s 25. He was 21 (when I coached him). We had six 21-year-olds on our 2010 Istanbul team, and Kevin was one of them. He’s grown. He’s terrific. I would make that trade right away.”

Krzyzewski also added:

Video: Misplayed popup leads to improbable Yankees walk-off win

The New York Yankees defeated the Cincinnati Reds in unlikely fashion on Sunday after a Brian McCann popup misplayed by Cincinnati's defense led to a walk-off single.

Check it out as three Reds defenders converge on the routine pop fly only to allow the ball to drop in between them in short right field. Doh!

The win secured a three-game sweep for the Bronx Bombers and left the Reds skipping town with their heads held low.

Kendall Marshall thanks Chipotle for time in Los Angeles

On Friday, Kendall Marshall was waived by the Los Angeles Lakers as part of a continued effort to free up as much salary cap space as possible for the upcoming season. Marshall was picked off waivers by the Bucks shortly thereafter.

On Sunday, Marshall took to Twitter to thank everyone in the Lakers organization for giving him a chance, which was definitely a classy gesture to do.

However, Marshall also wanted to thank the casual Mexican food chain Chipotle, and expressed his excitement in seeing what the restaurant had to offer in Milwaukee.
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ACC media days features ice cream bar

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ACC media days gives reporters the chance to score priceless interviews with key players and coaches throughout the multiple day event. But the best thing about it may be the ice cream social that the conference busted out on the first day of media days on Sunday.

Seen in the photo above is Louisville defensive end Lorenzo Mauldin pretending to chow down on one of his unlimited scoops at the ice cream bar. He along with others took a break from meeting with reporters to indulge in the frozen treat.

Good times.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Chiefs offering fans chance to host fantasy football draft in Arrowhead Stadium

For those of you who play fantasy football and live in the Kansas City area, perhaps conducting your draft at Arrowhead Stadium this year might be an excellent idea.

For the second straight year, the Chiefs are running a promotion where fantasy league players can sign up to host their league draft in a suite at Arrowhead Stadium on Labor Day. The cost per person is $85 and each league draft must have a minimum of eight players.

If $85 sounds too steep, please note that the Chiefs are also tossing in tickets to a home game in December for the first 350 people who sign up, in addition to an all-you-can-eat buffet and free beer during the draft. If the average cost of an NFL tickets is nearly $85, holding a draft seems to make perfect sense.

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Video: Miami Hurricanes mascot walks bride down the aisle

For Miami Hurricanes fan Jennifer Sullivan, having Sebastian the Ibis walk her down the aisle will be a moment she never forgets.

Sullivan explained the story behind the Miami mascot accompanying her on the ceremonial walk to holy matrimony on Facebook.

When my dad passed away, I dreaded walking down the aisle without him and wasn’t sure how I’d make it through the moment. And yet it ended up being one of the most amazing/memorable moments of the day.


Warning: The audio in the video is LOUD.

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Photo: Boston Celtics to debut alternate logo this season

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A new look is coming for the Boston Celtics and it involves the use of an alternate logo.

The new logo features a white silhouette of "Lucky The Leprechaun," a character created in the 1960s by Red Auerbach's brother, and will arrive just in time for the 2014-15 season.

As awesome as it is, the team doesn't plan to feature the logo on uniforms or on the court, but rather solely on team apparel instead.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Video: Kobe Bryant beats fan in game of HORSE

Kobe Bryant was forced to make a comeback in a friendly game of HORSE after the fan he was competing with jumped out to an early lead.

Watch as the challenger tallies a couple of early letters before Bryant turns on his competitive switch in an absolutely hurry. Aside from mounting the comeback, Bryant also shows that he's not afraid to talk a little smack as well.

In the end, Bryant walked away victorious, but the fan did receive an autograph. So it looks like everyone is a winner here.

Warning: Video may contain NSFW language

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New York Mets offering fans stadium sleepover for $200 per person


The New York Mets are offering fans the chance to actually live at the ballpark thanks to its 2nd Annual Citi Field Sleepover event scheduled for Saturday night.

The 15-hour event will give fans the chance to camp out on the field while watching their beloved Mets battle the San Diego Padres on the big board in centerfield.

In addition to the sleepover, fans will also be treated with dinner, breakfast, a late night snack, a complimentary pillow, a ticket to an upcoming game and an opportunity to meet Mr. and Mrs. Met.

The cost to participate in this festive gather is $200 per person for an order of 1-3 tickets or $175 per person for an order of 4-6 tickets.

For a franchise that has really goofed things up over the years, this promotion actually sounds like it will be a pretty awesome experience for those who take part in it.

Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union: No cameras allowed at our wedding


Guests who have been invited to attend the holy matrimony of Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union will need to take good mental snapshots because actual photography won't be allowed.

The celebrity couple recently sent out invitations to their big event which is set to take place Aug. 30 at a mystery location in Miami. The ceremony is slated to begin at 10:30 pm as Wade and Union are urging guests to put on their dancing shows for a throw down.

Guests who choose to attend have been instructed to meet at a hotel before ultimately being transported to the actual wedding venue. But the most crucial piece of instruction is the one directing guests to forget about bringing their phones and cameras "for the comfort of our guests and to protect our privacy."

Despite the mandate, the wedding should be a ton of fun for all parties involved. It just won't include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and otherwise social media drama.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Chris Kluwe on dispute with Vikings: 'It's about to get real'

Chris Kluwe 2012-12-30.jpg

An already ugly situation between former punter Chris Kluwe and the Minnesota Vikings appears to be getting worse after Kluwe sent out the following tweets on Friday.

Before we breakdown the tweets, let's first outline some background on the situation. Kluwe, a notorious advocate for human rights, has promised to smack the Vikings with a lawsuit if the team doesn't disclose the details of its investigation into Kluwe's claims of homophobic comments and retaliatory discharge. Kluwe was released in May 2013 and he claims it was because of his strong public stance in favor of gay rights.

And now for the aforementioned tweets...

SMU's June Junes proposes radical idea for major college football

June Jones.jpg

June Junes is not oblivious to the fact that there are five power conferences in college football and then there is everyone else. The power conferences essentially have a direct route to the new playoff system while the other five conferences don't stand much of a chance of getting a team in at all. But the SMU Mustangs head coach has a radical solution that may just even the playing field a bit.

In short, Jones believes teams from the American, Conference USA, MAC, Mountain West and Sun Belt should play their seasons in the spring and let the power conferences continue to play the traditional time of year in the fall, similar to what the USFL did to compete with the NFL.

"I think the have-nots should go ahead and move to the spring just like the USFL did. I think that there's an opportunity to do a complete other side of that division, and I think that if we don't think that way as a group of have-nots, we're going to get left behind," Jones told 620 AM WDEA (Tampa) during a radio interview on Friday. "I can see in five-to-seven years, possibly, the public would demand to have the two leagues play, just like I think the USFL had in mind, originally, of the winner of the USFL playing the winner of the National Football League."

Video: Weird Al Yankovic stars in amusing parody about fight songs

In case you weren't previously aware, notorious entertainer Weird Al Yankovic has a knack for twisting pop culture into amusing parodies.

His latest work involves parodying fight songs with the moral of the musical piece being that our team is great and your team sucks.

Yeah, that pretty much sums up any and all fight songs.

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Photo: Official LeBron James 'bandwagon' t-shirt now for sale

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When it comes to fans, sometimes their loyalty to a player is much greater than to a team. For fans of LeBron James, this is definitely the case.

So, the folks at True Rivalry wanted to cash in on this theme by creating the ultimate shirt highlighting the bandwagon nature of LeBron fans.

From Cleveland, to Miami, back to Cleveland...this shirt says it all.

Tim Howard offers to take his talents to the New York Knicks

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After his performance in the World Cup, Tim Howard has pretty much solidified his place among the most loved soccer players in U.S. history.

Now that he has achieved fame on the pitch, Howard seems to be up for challenging another arena, and it involves a roundball, a hardcourt, and the bright lights of New York City.

Check out the tweet Howard sent on Thursday offering his services to the Knicks. As a New Jersey native and one of the best defensive athletes of our generation, this actually wouldn't be a bad decision at all if the Knicks suited up Howard.

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Jim Boeheim on fan's leg tattoo of himself: 'I would wear long pants'

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Jim Boeheim has some sage advice for the Syracuse Orange fan who decided to get a tattoo of Boeheim's face on his leg this week. And the advice given by Boeheim comes in the typical sarcastic manner we have grown accustomed to from the Hall of Fame coach.

Speaking to Jeff Goodman of ESPN, Boeheim proclaimed that he "would wear long pants" for the rest of his life if he were the fan.

The fan who got the ink is Syracuse native Rich Miner. Miner said he pulled the trigger on the tattoo because of what the Orange has meant to him for most of his life. His father worked at the Carrier Dome and his love for basketball was really sparked by the Orange when he was a kid.

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Bill Simmons alleges 1988 dunk contest was rigged

In 1988, Michael Jordan beat out Dominique Wilkins for the Slam Dunk Contest title. But should the crown have went to Wilkins instead?

According to ESPN's Bill Simmons, the answer is yes because he claims the whole event was rigged. TMZ Sports caught up with the basketball junkie as he was browsing around Los Angeles for the ESPYs earlier this week and this is when Simmons dropped the bombshell.

Simmons also tried to explain why LeBron James and Blake Griffin will never oppose each other in a dunk contest regardless of how much money is thrown out them.

As for the claim about the '88 dunk contest, is it blaspehmy or does is it warranted?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Photos: Gnome made in likeness of Mike Trout visits his hometown in New Jersey

main image

A traveling gnome made in the likeness of Mike Trout recently took a tour of the superstar's hometown and let's just say it was fantastic.

Seen here is a photo collage put together by the folks at MLB Cut 4 which shows the gnome visiting some of Trout's old stomping grounds. These places include Millville High School, Mike Trout Field and one of Trout's favorite places to eat.

The spectacle is all part of a promotion where the Angels are set to give away gnomes when they host the Angels on Friday. Fans going to the game might want to get there early because the team is only giving away gnomes until the limited supply lasts.