Saturday, June 21, 2014

Terrelle Pryor on switching positions: I don't know how to catch

Terrelle Pryor

Despite speculation to the contray, don't expect Terrelle Pryor to be lining up anywhere other than behind center or on the sidelines this season.

After the Seahawks sent a 7th-round pick to the Raiders to acquire Pryor, many felt that a position change could be in order for the former Ohio State quarterback. But judging by this quote, it doesn't appear Pryor has any intention to play anywhere else than where he is accustomed to.

"I don't know how to catch. I don't know how to run the ball as a running back,” he said, via the Seattle Times' Jerry Brewer. “I've been a quarterback my whole life.”

For a guy who was essentially the second-worst passer in the league last season, Pryor might want to be a little more open to moving positions, regardless of his self-proclaimed inability to catch or run. Heck, when the Raiders are willing to part ways with you, then something has to be wrong.

Even if Pryor does show progress executing the Seattle offense in practice, he won't be sniffing the field as long as Russell Wilson is healthy. So it might be worth Pryor's time to roll out the Jugs machine and work on grabbing free-spiraling pigskins. He's too athletic not to help the team in some manner.

Via Eye on Football

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