Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Southern California will now offer four-year scholarships to student athletes

In an effort to set themselves apart from the rest, the Southern California Trojans are set to do something no other school will do, which is award four-year scholarships to football and men's and women's basketball players.

The current system typically involves student athletes being on one-year scholarships that are either renewed or not on a year-to-year basis. But USC is aiming to change this exercise by giving full rides for four years. This is acceptable after the NCAA changed the bylaw in 2011 to allow for multi-year scholarships.

USC's new policy will commence on July 1 and will apply to all current and future players in the three aforementioned sports.

"In taking this action, USC hopes to help lead the effort to refocus on student-athlete welfare on and off the field," USC athletic director Haden said via statement.

This doesn't mean that coaches can't urge players to transfer or leave the school. But what it does is give student athletes a greater sense of security moving forward.

Will it give the Trojans an edge in recruiting?

Via Eye on College Basketball

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