Friday, June 27, 2014

Senator reiterates that he would 'probably' change Redskins name

On Thursday, Arizona Senator John McCain reiterated that he believes the Washington Redskins should "probably" change their nickname due to its offensive nature among Native Americans. McCain made the comments while speaking at the Associated Press Sports Editors conference.

“We have many local tribes in my state of Arizona, and they come to me and tell me its offensive,” McCain said, via USA Today.  “So if its offensive, then why don’t we take that into consideration?  One of the most darkest chapters in American history is our relations with the Native Americans.  When an advanced civilization collides with a less advanced one, really terrible things happen.  And it’s probably the worst chapter in American history, as we went west and became the nation that we are, we really did some terrible things.  And many of our Native Americans are very sensitive because of our history.

“So my view, if I were the owner of the team, I’d call them together and have a dialogue with them and I would probably change the name.”

Despite seemingly being in support of altering the name, McCain was not among the list of 50 senators to sign their name in a letter urging the NFL franchise to change the name. Furthermore, McCain didn't agree with the recent stripping of Washington's trademark protection with the federal government either.

“I kind of thought the patent office was supposed to be involved in patents,” McCain said of the office known as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  “But I do believe if the Native American community views this as offensive, then it’s offensive.”

McCain is about as politically correct as one could be on the matter. And this is to be expected from a well-seasoned politician such as himself. McCain doesn't go so far as to saying the name must be changed immediately. But he does make his point without alienating either side of the issue by using the term "probably."

Do you think Washington should change its nickname?

Via Pro Football Talk


  1. Of course they shouldn't change their name! After 80 years it has now become an issue? Seriously people, you need to get a life. This political correctness B.S. has got to stop. We much more important things to rally around than a name. For example, our country is in bad economic shape. People are starving and out of work. I am married to a Native American from Arizona and she thinks its ridiculous to make them change their name. The name was chosen in honor of Native Americans for their strength and resilience!

  2. I totally agree!!!!