Friday, June 13, 2014

Scholarship error led to some Hawaii football players sleeping in locker room

It's well known that the life of an NCAA student-athlete is typically more privileged than the life of a regular student. Student-athletes enjoy free or discounted education, housing, and meals, among other perks, during their college career.

However, the privileged life for nearly 60 University of Hawaii athletes was virtually non-existent recently, when a delay in scholarship money led to some being forced to sleep in the locker room. This left the athletes without any money (and no housing of their own) for over a week.

Tom Fornelli of Eye on College Football has more on the story:

Hawaii athletic director Ben Jay told the Associated Press that clerical problems delayed the processing of scholarship funds for both athletic and academic scholarships at the school. The funds -- which cover roughly six weeks of expenses for students going to summer classes and living off campus -- were delayed nine days, and as a result, seven of Hawaii's athletes got by sleeping in the locker room. They spent their time eating energy bars and watching television, so it was just like daily life in your own apartment, except in a locker room.

"When it comes right down to it, we need to plan better," Jay told the AP. "This should never happen again. We have a responsibility for these kids to make sure they're taken care of. That's what their parents expect of us."

To make matters worse, Jay says that Hawaii could not help these student-athletes out by buying them groceries or providing meals of any kind. You know, because doing so would be a potential NCAA violation. To be fair, Fornelli does point out that the Warriors could have petitioned the NCAA for a waiver, but who wants to really do that?

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