Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Report: Shelly Sterling concerned escape clause could nix Clippers deal

After agreeing to sell the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion, Donald Sterling has changed his mind and intends to fight the NBA's forced sale of a franchise he has owned since 1981.

This has his wife, Shelly Sterling, extremely concerned that the agreement with former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer could fall through because of an escape clause with the deal.

Here's more on that report from TMZ Sports.

Behind the scenes there’s concern that Donald’s latest flip-flop could blow up her $2 billion deal to sell the Los Angeles Clippers. We’ve learned there’s an escape clause in her deal with Ballmer, which gives him the right to nix the deal if she doesn’t have clear authority to sell the team. So Shelly’s legal team will try to shut down Sterling by telling the judge there can be no argument … Donald is “incapacitated” and therefore he has no voice anymore in the team’s business.

If Ballmer bails, who would step in and buy the team? This is much is not clear, but it is inevitable that Sterling will eventually have to sell the franchise for good.

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  1. Something isn't right with this dude.He changes his mind in opposite directions every 2 days.This has to be a sign of total brain malfunction and gives the wife the right to sell the team on the grounds Donald is a hazard to all and himself.