Sunday, June 1, 2014

Report: Man suing Bismack Biyombo for $2 million in commission fees

A man claiming he helped Bismack Biyombo make it into the NBA is suing the Charlotte Hornets center for $2 million in unpaid commission fees. This is according to a report by TMZ Sports.

The suit alleges that the man, Igor Crespo, met Biyombo in Yemen back in 2009 and the latter signed a contract promising 10 percent of all professional basketball earnings for the rest of his life in exchange for Crespo's help. The contract was allegedly inked in Spain where Crespo helped Biyombo get a job with a pro team in Madrid.

In 2011, Biyombo was taken 7th overall by the Sacramento Kings to become an instant millionaire. Now Crespo claims the 21-year-old Biyombo has blown off the prearranged agreement and owes Crespo a ton of money in backpay.

According to, Biyombo has earned approximately $8,855,920 during his three-year NBA career thus far.

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