Friday, June 13, 2014

Mark Cuban sued by same hoaxster who erroneously sued Johnny Manziel

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The man responsible for filing dubious lawsuits in the past has struck again.

This time the man's target is Mavs owner Mark Cuban. And the allegations included in the suit are absolutely asinine.

According to TMZ Sports, Cuban was sued by someone claiming to be Lisa Lazzari, the sister of former "Shark Tank" entrepreneur Lani Lazzari, who is the owner of Simple Sugars body care company.

In the suit, the plaintiff is demanding $15 million to help make things right. A few of the wild allegations include:

Cuban visited the Simple Sugars store and "told me I look hot and I told him I'm a lesbian. Cuban told me to perform oral sex on him in the bathroom and if I don't Cuban will quit his investment in Simple Sugars."

"Cuban told me if I give him an [HJ], he will give me season tickets in a suite at the Dallas Mavericks. I told Cuban NO, that I'm a lesbian." 

In the suit, the hoaxster also goes after Mark's "Shark Tank" buddies...saying Lori Greiner owns a company that makes crappy salad bowls and Daymond John's FUBU clothes are made in sweat shops. 

The suit is believed to have been filed by Jonathan Lee Riches. Riches is currently an inmate and was previously found responsible for filing an equally bogus suit against Johnny Manziel.

In that suit, Manziel was accused of exposing his penis at Disneyland while signing a rendition of "It's a Small World." Thankfully, the case was recently booted out by a judge.

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