Monday, June 30, 2014

Jurgen Klinsmann told families to change flight plans to after World Cup final

Jurgen Klinsmann has designs on taking the USA further than expected. (USATSI)

After being criticized before the tournament for proclaiming it was "unrealistic" for the United States to win the 2014 World Cup, head coach Jurgen Klinsmann appears to be signing a different tune these days, advising the players' families to change their flight plans until after the final.

“J├╝rgen has been nothing but positive," U.S. defender Omar Gonzalez said. "He's telling us, he's telling our families to change our flights to July 14, 15, because we're going to be here until the very end.

“So that just speaks volumes to how positive he is, how much he believes in this team, and obviously it trickles down to all of us...We plan on being here a few more weeks.”

In reality, the United States has already surpassed expectations by simply making it out of the "Group of Death," which included perennial powers Portugal and Germany as well as a fiesty Ghana.

If Klinsmann's squad does make it to the final, they will have certainly earned their place. Beating Belgium on Tuesday in the Round of 16 won't be an easy task and neither would knocking off Argentina in the quarterfinals (if both clubs make it). From there, a potential match-up with the Netherlands awaits.

Via Eye on World Cup

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