Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hines Ward set to have wedding at Heinz Field


Heinz Field already holds a special place in the heart of Hines Ward after an illustrious career with the Pittsburgh Steelers. But the venue is about to get another piece of Ward's heart when the 38-year-old Super Bowl XL MVP gets hitched there in July.

According to TMZ Sports, the legendary wide receiver is set to marry his fiance Lindsey Georgalas on the same playing surface where he produced tons of memorable catches. Because why the hell not?

Given Ward's iconic status with the franchise, it's not known whether Heinz Field will actually send the groom-to-be a bill. But the starting price to rent out space for an event at the stadium is a cool $12,500. And that simply buys a basic room. Not a portion of the stadium.

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