Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Coach's honest display of sportsmanship costs team a title

Photo via Reddit

Sportsmanship overruled the thrill of victory in the case of North Attleboro High School (MA) track coach Derek Herber.

Herber was analyzing his scorecard the day after his team took the Division II title over Central Catholic High School when he realized the numbers weren't adding up. North Attleboro had beaten Central Catholic by just one point (69-68), however, Herber had a different score and it resulted in his team losing the title.

“For our individual scoring, I try to keep up with it and try to keep the kids [aware of] where they are individually for scoring,” Herber said. “We were looking at it, and I did all the math, and I said, ‘Aww.’ ”

After crunching the numbers several more times with his assistant coach and never reaching 69, Herber picked up the phone and called the MIAA to alert officials of a potential mistake.

State officials then confirmed a mistake had been made. Apparently, a clerical error had a 7th-place North Attleboro runner finishing 2nd and the 2nd-place runner finishing 7th. Herber immediately mailed the trophy to Central Catholic once he realized what had happened.

Kudos to Herber for this honest display of sportsmanship.

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