Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bernard Pollard says new Titans coordinator has 'transformed defense into pit bulls'


A new defensive coordinator can make a world of difference.

Bernard Pollard is a person who would agree with this sentiment after noticing how new Tennessee Titans coordinator Ray Horton has changed the mentality around Nashville. In short, Pollard believes Horton has made defensive players more aggressive and physical at the point of attack.

“We were German shepherds in the training phase, but for some reason we transformed to pit bulls, to Rottweilers,” Pollard said. “Preferably, I want to be a lion, but there’s no lions over here, but I’ve got the heart.”

There's no denying that pit bulls and Rottweilers are a tad bit more intimidating than German shepherds. Even more intimidating than all three are lions. But Pollard says no such comparisons can be made.

“We had some great plays, but you look at some games, and we didn’t step on the throat when we were supposed to,” Pollard said. “We didn’t finish it off when we were supposed to, we didn’t get off the field when we were supposed to, so if you look at Coach Horton and the mentality that they’re instilling in players like us, it’s going to be a fun year.”

Pollard and the Titans will try to make the playoffs for the first time in six seasons this year.

Via Pro Football Talk

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  1. We'll be in the playoffs this year!