Monday, June 9, 2014

Banana and mayonnaise sandwiches are key to Nationals success

Baseball is a strange sport sometimes. There's no limit to what players and coaches (and fans) will do in order to keep their team on the winning track.

Let's take Washington Nationals bullpen coach Matthew LeCroy for example. According to James Wagner of the Washington Post, LeCroy has been hammering banana and mayonnaise sandwiches to help the club win this year.

Wagner explains:

Earlier in the season, when the Nationals were struggling through injuries and inconsistent play, and before the current hot streak, LeCroy turned to a traditional Southern delicacy before games to snap the team out of its rut: a banana-and-mayonnaise sandwich on white bread.

“A lot of people were hurting in the beginning, and we needed some big wins so I thought, ‘I gotta go with the banana-and-mayonnaise,’” LeCroy said late last week. The Nationals are 5-0 on days when he eats the sandwich before the game, a fact that the jovial LeCroy is proud of.

The natural question here is why LeCroy doesn't just smash a banana and mayo sandwich before each and every game. But he must realize how much power the sandwich holds and only turns to it when Washington desperately needs a win. Totally reasonable, eh?

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