Thursday, May 1, 2014

Yokohama reinstates sponsorship deal with Clippers but with a catch

After losing several major sponsors in the wake of the Donald Sterling controversy, the Los Angeles Clippers received some good news when the Yokohama Tire Corporation reinstated its sponsorship with the team. However, the new deal comes with a catch.

According to TMZ Sports, Yokohama suspended their deal with the Clippers earlier in the week to see how the situation with Sterling would pan out. Now, Yokohama is back on board, but only if the franchise agrees to donate half of the sponsorship money to charity.

That would mean half as in half of the sponsorship funds the Clippers receive throughout the 2014 NBA playoffs from Yokohama. A representative told TMZ that these funds must be "earmarked to a charity instead of the organization" if the Clippers want to keep the other half.

Hey, it's not the sponsorship deal the Clippers previously had, but half is definitely better than nothing. Especially given everything that has happened involving their team owner.

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