Saturday, May 24, 2014

Yasiel Puig sounds off on playing style criticism

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Yasiel Puig has been no stranger to criticism since making his major league debut last season.

The Cuban native has been criticized for flipping bats, making fundamental errors on defense and the bases, and just generally playing baseball in a way that rubs some folks the wrong way. Despite this, Puig continues to be one of the most productive players in the league and he has a message for anyone who doesn't enjoy his style of play.

From Paul Hagen of

“It’s my style. It’s the way I’ve played baseball for a long time. I don’t really worry about the other team or what other players think about me, other than our team,” he said. “As far as what other people think, I try to play the game hard and I try to play the game happy. I want to have a good time when I’m playing. This is a game of entertainment. I don’t play it to offend people. But I do have a good time playing the game of baseball.”

Puig seems to be caught in a scenario that most players face these days: We ridicule players who don't seem to be enjoying playing a game for a living, but also rip players who do. It's the ultimate darned if you don't and darned if you do scenario and it needs to stop.

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  1. As a Dbacks fan I hate the Dodgers, but Puig makes the game fun to watch. Any play he's involved in has the chance to be amazing! If pitcher's are so offended by a bat flip stop serving up pitches he can crush.