Thursday, May 8, 2014

Wes Welker allegedly fails to pay up to fan over horse name

Wes Welker won big during the Kentucky Derby last weekend after his horse, Undrafted, finished second in one of the races.

Now, a fan has come forward claiming that Welker never paid up in a contest he held on Twitter in 2012 to name the racehorse. New Jersey resident Nick Boyle was promised a trip to a race to watch the horse run after Welker chose his name submission (Move the Chains).

Welker even sent out a tweet about it, ""Congrats to @nickboyle70 for naming the new horse. Move The Chains DM ur phone #. And we will get everything set up for u."


A short time later, Welker contacted Boyle through direct messages on Twitter and wrote, "My agents should be contacting you today via email. The race will probably be a weekend in April."
He added, "I will have the whole trip taken care of."

Welker ultimately couldn't go with the name Move the Chains because another owner had already beat him to the naming rights. However, the fan was still promised the all-expenses paid trip after the name of the horse was changed to Undrafted.

Over time, Boyle says Welker unfollowed him on Twitter and never came through with his end of the bargain, which has made Boyle sad and upset.

"I've been disappointed for 2 years," Boyle says. "When I won the contest I was really looking forward to naming the horse and hanging out with Wes at the track. He screwed me. I did nothing wrong."

TMZ Sports was the first to break the news.


  1. Hear both sides first. Wait for Welker

  2. He didn't name the horse though, because that name was taken. When the name you submit can't be used, you are SOL. Welker shouldn't have to take care of this guy since the horse is not named that.

  3. Anyone who will sell out his team(patriots) will have no problem selling out a fan

    1. Funny....when a player leaves fan cry SELL OUT...when the owners trade them more times than not the fans say...It's just business.

  4. Welker probably dropped his phone hence the unfollow!

    Bahhhha....ha ha!

  5. Simple solution, a NO brainer. Welker conceded the win, he acknowledged the name as a winner, therefore he pays up, especially since he goes around givin up C-notes... good receiver but shame for being such a punk! Anybody defends him on this is a punk also, just sayin.