Monday, May 5, 2014

Video: Youth baseball coach bans player for having long hair

Being clean cut used to be the norm in baseball. But modern society has relaxed its stance on this issue. Well, with the exception of this youth baseball coach from Canada.

Seen here is an Alberta community coach getting into a rather awkward and intense argument with a mother to explain why her teenage son cannot play on his team. Apparently, the kid's hair is way too long.

Liam Nazarek, 16, was literally banned from his team's home opener because he refused to cut his hair. Furthermore, the reason why he didn't is because he wanted to grow it and donate it to a cancer charity.

The league is sticking by the coach in the matter and adds that the issue only became a big deal because the mother decided to inappropriately use social media.

Yeah, her means to obtain the video was a bit sneaky. But it doesn't overshadow the fact that this coach is taking unwritten old school baseball rules too seriously.

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