Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Video: Marlins ball boy dives into stands to catch foul ball

Marlins ball boy diving over the wall for a Ruben Tejada foul ball-b

Somebody give this guy a contract.

During the third inning of Wednesday's Marlins-Mets game, Ruben Tejada hit a shot foul down the third base line that appeared to be heading into the stands. The Marlins ball boy had other ideas and wound up making a catch worthy of YouTube and SportsCenter greatness. Well, he almost made the catch.

The ball boy's name is Trevor Takasc and he explained the method to his madness after the game.

“It was just natural instinct honestly, because I play baseball, so it was all natural for me,” Takasc said. “I just went for it and got it — until I got over the chair, and then it came loose.”

Damn that chair.

Via The Big Lead

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