Friday, May 30, 2014

Photo: Prospect's face back to normal after getting pelted with fastball

Delino DeShields Jr Face

Delino DeShields Jr. is in much better shape now than he was a few weeks ago after recovering from a brutal face injury caused by a 90 mph fastball.

On April 18, the Houston Astros prospect was hospitalized after taking a pitch directly in the face during a minor league game. As you can see from the photo above on the right, DeShields' face swelled up like a balloon in the aftermath. Fortunately, the son of former MLB player Delino DeShields Sr. is back to full strength.

"Everything is pretty much back to normal. I feel good," he said. "I don't have any lingering effects. Nothing bothers me."

In case you're curious, the first solid food DeShields ate in his recovery was boneless chicken wings, because who doesn't like that?

Via TMZ Sports

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