Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Photo: Max Scherzer fastball leaves giant welt on John Jaso's arm

Being hit by a pitch is probably the greatest fear of anyone who quits little league baseball before the age of 13. Heck, even big league hitters likely worry about being nailed by a 95 mph pitch every now and then. And after seeing what a Max Scherzer fastball did to the left forearm of John Jason it is not hard to understand why.

Seen here is a screenshot taken of the massive welt on Jaso's arm after being plunked by Scherzer's heater. Don't let that smile fool you. That hurts a little bit. The painful result came following an epic 11-pitch plate appearance for Jaso against the All-Star right-hander.

Amazingly, Jaso would get revenge in his next at-bat by smacking a home run off Scherzer. So it looks like Jaso is going to be just fine.

Via Eye on Baseball