Monday, May 19, 2014

Notre Dame selling pieces of stadium grass for big money

Beginning this upcoming season, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are ridding themselves of a traditional grass field and are replacing the surface with an artificial surface instead.

This means the existing field has to be ripped up and disposed of. But this grass isn't your ordinary grass. No, it's the grass that took the punishment of numerous Notre Dame football games over the years in South Bend. And that's definitely worth something.

With that being said, fans wishing to get their hands on a piece of this turf can do so for the thrifty price of $149.95. Each piece of sod measures 5 feet by 2 feet and is available for purchase through the official athletics website of the Catholic university.

Here are some more FAQs about the grass:

How do I know this is real Notre Dame Stadium grass?

Each roll of grass comes packaged with a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to it as genuine Notre Dame Stadium grass.

Will my section of turf be completely full of grass? Or could it contain just dirt on top?

Sections of grass selected for this sale will be taken from areas of the field with the least amount of wear and consist of as much fully covered grass as possible.

Can I return my section of grass if I don't like it?

Since this is a live product, all sales are final and returns cannot be accepted.

What if my grass dies after replanting?

We cannot be responsible for the replanting nor the conditions in which the grass has to grow after replanting.

It's hard to put a value on something such as this. But it's worth noting that a piece of sod this size would set a person back no more than a couple bucks if they were to buy it elsewhere.

Via Eye on College Football

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