Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Michael Jordan considered himself a racist as a teenager

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Racism in sports is a hot topic nowadays thanks to a certain someone who owns a certain NBA franchise. But now the player who many consider to be the greatest to ever play the sport has been tossed into the conversation as well.

Michael Jordan is drawing headlines after referred to a biography in which Jordan essentially admits he was somewhat racist in his younger years.

In the book, titled "Michael Jordan: The Life," Jordan describes to author Ronald Lazenby how growing up in the 1970s in North Carolina—where he said the Ku Klux Klan was dominant—shaped his views on race.

Those views were strengthened after he watched the miniseries "Roots" and learned about the suffering of his African-American ancestors.

The tipping point, Jordan said, came in 1977, when a girl at his school called him the N-word.

Jordan reacted to the girl by throwing his soda at her as a display of rebellion. His Airness then wrote, " I considered myself a racist at the time. Basically, I was against all white people."

Although the quotes by Jordan have been brought to life in the wake of the Donald Sterling controversy, the author of the biography, Ronald Lazenby, made it clear that the comments made by Jordan are not recent.

The fact that the author was so adamant to establish a timeline here is important because it gives us no reason to believe racism still exists in Jordan's mind. It's been chronicled before how Jordan's childhood was filled with bouts of struggle, including racist experiences, so it's easy to imagine why Jordan would have felt this way as a teenager. But it's clear he no longer feels this way anymore.

Via Bleacher Report

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