Monday, May 19, 2014

Legal battle rages on between transgender athlete and CrossFit


The debate over whether a transgender athlete was wrongfully denied the chance to compete with the ladies in CrossFit competitions continues.

In March, TMZ Sports broke the story where a transgender woman by the name of Chloie Jonnson is suing CrossFit for $2.5 million because she claims the fitness giant denied her request to compete in the CrossFit Games against the ladies. At the time, CrossFit countered by saying natural-born males have a distinct physical advantage over natural-born females.

Now there is a new twist in the legal battle between CrossFit and Jonsson. Namely, the fact that CrossFit claims Jonsson did in fact compete with the women in a competition in 2013. And that they never suspected Jonsson of being born a man until Jonsson blew the proverbial whistle on herself.

However, once CrossFit learned of Jonsson's natural born gender, they felt they could no longer allow her to compete against other women. This is when Jonsson reportedly followed through with the $2.5 million lawsuit against the organization.

All told, CrossFit believes in the end it doesn't matter which division Jonsson competes in, because her scores in the 2013 CrossFit competition were so low that she wouldn't have advanced beyond the first round in either the male or female category.

Rest assured this is not the last we'll hear of this case.

Via TMZ Sports


  1. Does she have a venis or a mangina?

  2. She is 34, only having surgery 6 years ago ... this meaning she had the first 28 years of life to develop as a man would. If she wants to compete, it would be in my best opinion for her to have to compete as a man given the amount of time she was able to develop with elevated levels of testosterone. If they allow her to compete as a woman, what next? Body builders deciding late in life to have surgery can compete against woman as well? That is a true unfair advantage in an over-all aspect without singling out anyone in particular.

    1. At 28 years of age he'd already have passed what would be his physical peak, so having that much time to "develop" as a male is irrelevant. And you can't honestly believe that an older male body builder would actually have a sex change, a SEX CHANGE, late in life just to compete against female bodybuilders? She's a woman, let her compete as a woman, doesn't sound like she was lighting the crossfit world on fire anyway.

    2. David, come on now. It was born a man, a complete male being. Just because it had a sex change does not mean it's a girl now. That's not quite how nature works. Doesn't matter if it thought it was a girl all along, still a man.

    3. I bet you are a homaphobic bigot,you can't fix stupid.Anonymous equals fear,at least SHE had the guts to come out with the truth and should not be punished for it.

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