Friday, May 30, 2014

Kliff Kingsbury wants to have bottle service at Texas Tech practices

No college football coach boasts a cooler image right now than Kliff Kingsbury at Texas Tech. Seriously, the 34-year-old can do no wrong.

In an appearance on The Dan Le Batard Show this week, Kingsbury only grew his coaching legend by revealing how he wishes Texas Tech practices included bottle service. This coming after Kingsbury gave some background on the idea by referring to how Kevin Sumlin once ran practices at the University of Houston. And those practices featured ice cream trucks. But not any ice cream trucks.

“We filled it with some girls from one of the clubs, the bottle girls,” he said. “That was impressive. That was a good practice.”

Does Kingsbury ever envision a similar scene in Lubbock?

“In Houston you can do that,” he said. “You can’t do that in Lubbock. There’s no bottle service in Lubbock.”

You can listen to the full interview right here.

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