Thursday, May 29, 2014

Group of Connecticut graduates cash in $60k winnings on championship futures bet


Who could have envisioned the Connecticut Huskies making a run to the title like they did in this year's NCAA Tournament? The answer is probably very few people did. But that didn't stop a group of 12 recent UConn graduates from laying down $100 each on the Huskies to win the national championship at 50-1 odds last November in Las Vegas. And they had themselves a pretty awesome Memorial Day weekend to celebrate.

“The plan was if we won, we’d come back to Vegas to pick up the money and have a ridiculous Memorial Day weekend,” said Harrison Fuchs, the de facto leader of the big winners. “We all thought it was a long shot, but here we are.”

The idea started last fall when Fuchs decided to make a trip to the Sin City with his sister's boyfriend and then invited his closest fraternity friends to come along. After persuading his friends to lay down $100 on the Huskies to win it all, the group started shopping for the best odds in order to make their wager. They eventually arrived at Cantor Gaming's sports book inside the Hard Rock Hotel.

“A lot of people had Saint Joe’s beating us in the first round,” said Paul Delvecchio, a 22-year-old who works at Fidelity Investments. “I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical at a certain point too. I had them going to the Final Four and losing to Florida, which to be honest, was hopeful.”

Despite winning big, Frank Feratovic said the best part of the whole situation wasn't the money, it was the incredible experience of camaraderie.

“It’s not even the money,” Feratovic said. “It’s the story behind having 11 of your best friends putting money on a bet on a whim and then having it all come to fruition. That’s an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime thing.”

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