Monday, May 26, 2014

Georgia football recruited future wrestling superstar with a bottle of bourbon

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College football recruiting can be a tricky game. But sometimes all it takes to seal the deal is a good old fashioned bottle of bourbon.

In a recent interview with legendary commentator Jim Ross, wrestling superstar and former Georgia Bulldogs football player Bill Goldberg revealed why he chose to attend UGA.

Goldberg's explanation goes as follows:

“What solidified my trip was a bottle of Wild Turkey that was handed to me as I was standing on top of a bar during my recruiting trip. You know, I had a great time at Georgia, great memories. It will always be that one thing in my life that I’ll want to re-enact again.”

So, there you have it. Although Goldberg's football career didn't quite pan out, playing for the Bulldogs did lead to an opportunity in the WCW and WWE, which turned out to be an excellent choice for him.

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