Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Former teammate creates phone app inspired by Peyton Manning's Super Bowl meltdown


It goes without saying, but Peyton Manning did not have a good showing in the most recent Super Bowl. And now one of his former teammates has immortalized the performance by creating an iPhone app inspired by Manning's woeful game.

Brandon King, a defensive back who played with Manning in 2010, is the mastermind behind a new smart phone game called "Smashman," where a quarterback gets suffocated by the opposing defense. As you can see from the photo above, the quarterback looks very similar to Manning.

The idea for the game came while King was watching the Super Bowl.

"It was the most embarrassing game I ever saw him play. I was like let me make an app where it’s almost impossible to score on a defense."

The object of the game is to score 44 points which is one more than the Seahawks scored on the Broncos in the Super Bowl. However, King says it's nearly impossible.

In terms of gameplay, players must repeatedly tap the screen to move the main character upward to avoid obstacles and apparently it's super difficult.

The game has already received 2,000 downloads in the first week and is sure to garner more thanks to media attention.

Via TMZ Sports

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