Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Former Buccaneers cheerleader suing team for violating wage laws

A former cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is suing the team alleging that it violated federal wage laws while she was employed with the franchise.

According to Deadspin, Manouchar Pierre-Val is claiming the Buccaneers forced her into making several unpaid promotional appearances, participating in multiple practices per week, and enduring several hundred hours worked for a flat per-game wage.

Here is more on the story from the Tampa Bay Times:

Pierre-Val, 25, is a registered nurse from Orlando who cheered for the Bucs during the 2012-2013 season. During that time, her attorney said, she was paid $100 per game but worked many more unpaid hours leading cheerleading clinics, visiting charity events, posing for swimsuit calendars and practicing.

"If you do the math," Woods said, "you see she earned less than $2 per hour — while the minimum wage in Florida was $7.67."

As it stands now, Pierre-Val is the only plaintiff listed in the lawsuit and alleges that she was paid $3,000 less than minimum wage requires during her one year of cheering for the club.

Via Deadspin


  1. time to get rid of all the ridiculous cheerleading squads,, period. I am glad my team never had one. The NFL is not high school or college and cheerleading never belonged in the NFL to begin with, The dumb teams that welcomed a cheap sideshow playing off sexxi women is hardly noticed by most fans and will not be missed. The cheerleaders in NFL are the latest segment of American society to be corrupted and has the simplest solution: eliminate it. It's marginal existence will not be missed, and actually would be welcomed by most.

  2. Actually the cheerleading squad is the best part of going to a game. I'd prefer watching them than watching a group of guys fighting over a football!

  3. NFL cheerleaders take pride of enduring the tryouts and making the squad. A nice bonus to have and soon to be an inaugural part of the football experience. Pay the dames right or let them know its flat out voluntary.

  4. Cheerleaders know what they are facing and the pay they will receive. Since they are contracted workers, they are not protected under the Federal wage laws. My guess is after the first year the team didn't renew her contract because she probably didn't perform that well or the next year the team found someone better. So basically she is bitter and wants to sue. Once it's revealed that she signed a contract for the low pay, the suit will be dropped, or she will lose!

  5. With the mega millions of $ floating around the NFL, even players getting almost a million per game, why can't the teams at least pay minimum wage for all the hours the girls work? In reality, they should be paid at least 2X minimum wage for all hours. NFL teams should be embarrassed.