Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Clippers settle $5 million class action lawsuit with cheap tickets

The Los Angeles Clippers have settled a $5 million class action lawsuit by simply handing out cheap tickets in the worst seating area of the arena.

The franchise was sued by Ari Friedman who claimed that the Clippers spammed his cell phone with messages after he participated in an interactive text message game during a game at the Staples Center last year. Friedman demanded $5 million in damages in the lawsuit by saying the team had promised not to send him junk texts afterward.

Instead, Friedman will settle with $1,000 and his choice of one of two ticket options. Each person in the class will get their choice of ...

A) two tickets to a designated home game (in the nosebleed section) or
B) one ticket and a $20 dollar voucher to the team store

This is well short of the $5 million Friedman originally sued for. But cheap tickets and an extra grand is better than nothing. Especially when you consider the circumstances surrounding the dubious case.

Via TMZ Sports

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