Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Alabama's Derrick Henry causes fans to allege NCAA violations after showing off new car

Alabama running back Derrick Henry learned how posting a photo of his brand new car on Instagram can lead to accusations of NCAA violations immediately thereafter.

On Monday, the sophomore-to-be uploaded this photo of him posing by his sparkling red sports car. Naturally, some folks immediately began to wonder how Henry (or his family) had the means to buy such a vehicle.

Here are just a few examples of the comments Henry received:

Come from a place with a median household income of ~$41K. Drive a car that starts at $26,500. Nothing fishy about that. 

Wonder who bought Derrick Henry that car - Saban or Kiffin? 

how much does bama pay you on a weekly basis? 

Bama running back Derrick Henry's new car. Seems legit for a full time college student with no job right?

Henry, who rushed 382 yards and three scores in 2013, didn't care too much for the allegations.
Via Bleacher Report 

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